release sheet 05-11-12


New D&B Releases

ALIGN008 – Joakim / JoJoe – Tears / 4th Floor – 12″ Vinyl
Introducing Joakim from Marseille, after originally producing Techno and going to free party’s with mates, he then moved to Mexico where he started going to underground nights and was introduced the the sounds of Sabre, Alix Perez, Calibre, Zero T and alike. From this he quickly switched from producing techno to DNB. He then moved to London to understand this new sound he had discovered a whole lot better and link up with the local people in the scene. Tears and 4th Floor are 2 slices of contemporary drum and bass at its finest, gathering heavy DJ support. Also available digitally is No One.

a Joakim – Tears
b JoJoe – 4th Floor

DRP009T – Dom & Roland – Strobe / Goliath – 12″ Vinyl
Strobe – A Techno Fueled Synapse busting Drum and Bass monster with Bass that flatten a house if you played it loud enough. Goliath – Sad Movie Strings, Massive Beats, and a huge sub, probably the biggest and lowest ever to be heard on a D&B track.

a Dom & Roland – Strobe
aa Dom & Roland – Goliath

PM025 – Paradox – Dirty City / Marxism – 12″ Vinyl
180gram heavyweight vinyl in die-cut sleeves. Marxism features an infectious linear groove that twists and turns as the track progresses. Eerie chimes and sharp industrial samples fly in esoteric style accompanied by deep bass subs splicing between rare 70’s funk breaks synonymous with the Paradox sound. A firm favorite in Amit’s dj set. Paradox flexes his breakbeat muscles on Dirty City with a raw drum workout for the funk freaks. Haunting choir pads, distorted bass booms and dancehall vocals set the stage for an onslaught of Drum & Bass to get the feet shuffling. After hundreds of physical releases on labels such as Reinforced, Moving Shadow and Certificate 18 Paradox is still the master of his craft, carving out 12” vinyl for 22 years and showing no signs of retirement. DJ support: Amit, Hype, Loxy, Fracture, Seba, Storm, Flight, Presha, ASC, Ink, Gremlinz.

a Paradox – Dirty Cash
aa Paradox – Marxism

REDSEAL018 – Marcus Intalex / Tokyo Prose – Code Of Honour ‘Honour’ – 12″ Vinyl
‘Honour’ is represented by Marcus Intalex & Tokyo Prose. We have been hunting a release from Marcus Intalex since the beginning of Samurai Music & Red Seal and so it finally comes to pass with ‘Redan’ for Code Of Honour. One of the best DJ’s on the planet in our opinion, and consistently redefining himself and drum and bass itself with his productions, the history of Marcus Intalex stands as one of the most impressive in the whole genre. We are beyond honoured to add this icon to the list of artists on Samurai. ‘Redan’ possesses everything that is great about Marcus Intalex. His ability to combine emotive depth with strong dancefloor elements and make a tune that makes people actually listen and feel on a dancefloor. ‘Redan’ is most definitely one of these tunes. Tokyo Prose breaks a drought of solo tunes with ‘Reach’, a favourite of names like DJ Marky, this again typifies what has become Tokyo Prose’ signature sound and brings in a new level of production for him. Euphoric, uplifting without dipping into fromage territory, it’s a sound that makes you realise why you love Drum and Bass music. Meiyo is to enjoy a good reputation, ‘honor’. These 2 artists have both earned our respect and ‘honour’ with their achievements

a Marcus Intalex – Redan
b Tokyo Prose – Reach

NZ021 – Loxy & Resound / Overlook – Code of Honour ‘Bravery / Courage’ – 12″ Vinyl
The Courage / Bravery virtue of the Bushido is represented firstly by Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Exit, & Cylon Recording artists Loxy & Resound. Following their ‘League Of Shadows’ single for Samurai these 2 giants of the deep and tribal come with a totally different approach on Tropopause. Effortlessly funky with shades of the golden years of Drum and Bass, ‘Tropopause’ rolls and rolls with a flexed out b line and perfect percussion. Newcomer Overlook takes control on the flipside, stepping in with subtle menace, and winding the tune out until it unravels itself to become a rollicking, tribal infused slab of aural delight. In the bushido code, courage or “Yuki” means that you posses the courage or the bravery to accept life and the challenges that can come with it, but with a resolute and moral mind.

a Loxy & Resound – Tropopause
b Overlook – Slow Roll

JC014 – JFB – Jungle Cakes Vol. 14 – 12″ Vinyl
Two slabs of bonafide bass music on the Jungle Cakes imprint fresh for 2012. Kicking off no less than the fourteenth volume in the Jungle Cakes series, this one’s fragrant and fresh as JFB does a grand job at pairing gentle, rolling breaks and jungle chirrups with more modern D&B production. Every bit of “Tequila Sunrise” is a tasty one with its shimmying rhythms, tooting horns and murmuring bass; this will have you moving and shaking. “Five On It” continues the story with enticing vocal, punchy drums and low-slung fervor. A big release, right here.

a JFB – Five On It
b JFB – Tequila Sunrise

JC015 – Deekline & Ed Solo – Jungle Cakes Vol. 15 – 12″ Vinyl
If you ever wondered where all the really mammoth d ‘n’ b tunes went, the ones designed to have you bouncing off the walls (rather than reaching for that mug of filter coffee and stroking your hipster beard) Deekline & Ed Solo have the answer in the form of a double header of future-retro classics cut from their preposterously rocking forthcoming 21-track double album, Bounce ‘n’ Shake. First up, vocalist Top Cat drops in on the frenetic jungle-flavoured Bad Boys, the duo freshening up the famous reggae classic with tearing beats, dubby soundscapes and the beefiest of bassline dirt: drop this and watch them hit the ceiling! On the flip, You Can Be My Night is a piano-fuelled d ‘n’ b roller with a heavy jump up influence, sounding like the bastard offspring of Aphrodite and Omni Trio. Deep but driving, heady yet destructive, you’d find yourself declaring: “they don’t make ‘em like that any more” if it wasn’t for the fact that someone just did.

a Deekline & Ed Solo – Bad Boyz
b Deekline & Ed Solo – You Can Be My Night


New D&B Promos

SUBTITLESUK018PT2 – Ulterior Motive – Ulterior Motive Versus EP Part 2 – 12″ Vinyl
Limited Edition 300 copies only white label. Hand stamped Whether James Davidson and Greg Hepworth have an ulterior motive is debatable. Their motive, however, is unwavering, intentional and fortunately well received. Infiltrating the drum and bass scene in in the early noughties, the UK duo combined their hand-built studio with modern production methods allowing them to tap into a unique brand of high-tech basslines and fortified funk. The collaborations nearly always come around through friendships and mutual respect for what each other is about musically. Ulterior Motive Versus, which is a four track E.P featuring Lenzman, FD, Krakota, and Hybris This ep has great support from Friction on his radio one show, DJ Hype on kiss Fm as well as great club support from Rockwell, Goldie, Phace, John B, S.P.Y etc Words c/o Jasmine Phull :

a Ulterior Motive & FD – Drum Circle
aa Ulterior Motive & Krakota – Minesweeper

BMT011 – eleven8 – Hadal Zone / Across the Sky – 12″ Vinyl
Having spent more than seventeen cross-genre years featuring on dance music’s most prestigious imprints, Blu Mar Ten are opening the doors of their own label to a host of fresh young talent emerging from the leftfield of Drum & Bass. Blu Mar Ten Music (BMTM) is a home for the beautiful and the ugly, the elegant and the awkward, the euphoric and the melancholy. With a list of talent already lined up to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions and a desire to stand out rather than fit in BMTM is guaranteed to be a label to watch. The second release in this new chapter comes courtesy of multi-genre wizard, eleven8. Having shone his talent on a number of quality labels including Hospital Records sister-label Med School, eleven8 joins BMTM to showcase his Drum & Bass stripes with two tracks strictly designed for intrepid explorers. Hadal Zone – Befitting the subsonics of the music, The Hadal Zone (named after the Greek god, Hades, god of the Underworld), is the delineation for the deepest trenches in the ocean. Even at this depth the waters teem with alien life, glowing with bioluminescence and crackling with self-generated electricity. eleven8 skillfully recreates this landscape with lashing distortion and howling effects emerging from the darkness before disappearing again. Hadal Zone – 600 atmospheres of pressure. Across the Sky – Where Hadal Zone takes you to the bottom of the ocean, Across the Sky rockets straight up in the opposite direction, describing satellite trajectories around the Earth. Otherworldly winds and thudding chunks of meteor bass are propelled through space by a payload of stuttering percussion.

a eleven8 – Hadal Zone
b eleven8 – Across The Sky

JA001 – Dialect & Kosine meets King General – Mount Zion / Got To Be Conscious – 12″ Vinyl
Mount Zion & Got To Be Conscious are melodic Jungle tracks with solid musical foundations rooted deep within Dub/Reggae music, using ambient melodica undertones and Incorporating ‘amen & think’ breaks, 808 sub bass & tight percussion patterns. Both tracks are setting a new dimension to Jungle music bringing it back to the original 90′s Jungle sound. Featuring the conscious vocals of Britain’s outer national Reggae artist & Bush Chemists front main King General, his vocals set the mood of the tracks with verses such as “Brick By Brick, We Have To Break Down The Walls” [Mount Zion] and also the chant of “Got To Be Conscious If Your Not Conscious You Cant Ride This Bus” [Got To Be Conscious] Which both suggest the need to fix todays troubled society & sends out a positive message to the youth of today. Both productions have had great reviews with ‘Mount Zion’ being the feel good summer track and ‘Got To Be Conscious’ tearing up the dance floors wherever its played. Dialect & Kosine are paying tribute to the original pioneers of Dub & Jungle music with this instinctive first independent release. This release has the full support of international DJ’s & Producers worldwide Including: Congo Natty, Adrian Sherwood, Bizzy B, Aries, Nicky Blackmarket, Ray Keith, Remarc, Equinox, Kenny Ken & Many More…

a Dialect & Kosine meets King General – Mount Zion
aa Dialect & Kosine meets King General – Got To Be Conscious


D&B Restocks Vinyl

CRIT051 – Rockwell – Aria EP 
DMND009 – Optiv & BTK – Jacknife / Menace Part 2 
DMND010 – Eastcolors – Things Inside / Heavy Tone 
GREC022XV – Joe Goddard – Gabriel Remixes II 
BRREC002 – Furney – Eindhoven Times 

New Bass Music CD


ADRHH002 – Skuff – Destroy Everything – CD
There are no flies on Skuff. He already knows, chances are you probably don’t know Skuff at all. That’s fine, most people that follow Skuff’s music probably don’t really know him either… that is until now… You may already know Skuff, co-founder of Rawganics (the UK’s biggest ever hip-hop club night), founding member of Delegates of Culture and co-founder of the Supreme Being clothing label. You may know him from the ‘End of the World News’ LP or maybe the recent ‘Deep Covers’ projects’. You may well know him as a skillful live performer, having seen him on stage solo or as one half of the popular ‘Skuff & Inja Show’, which tours globally. You might even have heard his music on BBC radio, or some of his collaboraions with the likes of Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva, Taskforce, Dirty Dike & Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders. In 2012 Skuff is here to Destroy Everything! His newest offering covers A LOT of topics, and the content is refreshing. Skuff’s stories are captivating and each track is strong musically (ie the beats are bangin’!).Destroy Everything displays thought-provoking lyricism over a diverse range of beats. It is laced with Skuff’s trademark self-depricating wit and is lyrically a very honest record executed with flair, passion, humour and sensitivity. Destroy Everything is a definite must-have because it continues the UK’s (some would say waning) tradition of well constructed albums from genuine heavyweight writers, among whom Skuff absolutely cements his place as a lyrical giant. Featuring Production by Mr Constant, Chemo, Farma G, Bioviolence, Skuff, Inja & Bee 109. Features by Dirty Dike, Inja, Slang Immaculate, S Class & Life.

CD1 1 Skuff – Intro (For Your Love) -
CD1 2 Skuff – Do Be Do -
CD1 3 Skuff – The Me Skit -
CD1 4 Skuff – The Me Tune -
CD1 5 Skuff – Darkside -
CD1 6 Skuff – ID 2012 (Teens On A Plane) -
CD1 7 Skuff – NYE -
CD1 8 Skuff Ft. Life – Spaz Out -
CD1 9 Skuff – Feeling Good -
CD1 10 Skuff – Re-Intro (Sid Vicious) -
CD1 11 Skuff Ft. Slang Immaculate, Dirty Dike, S Class and Inja – Standard -
CD1 12 Skuff Ft. Inja – Show Love -
CD1 13 Skuff – Rae Skit -
CD1 14 Skuff – So Sick -
CD1 15 Skuff – The Jewel -
CD1 16 Skuff – Dan Shaw (In Loving Memory) -
CD1 17 Skuff – Veterans By Dan Shaw (In Loving Memory) -


New Bass Music releases

FREQ007 – Prism – Two Hearts – 12″ Vinyl
Prism studied drums under Vance Gordan specialising in Afro Cuban rhythms and the Moeller technique prior to venturing into music production. After becoming more intrigued by the intricate likeness of all societies, cultures and religions, Prism was created with a deeper purpose. Not only to showcase these influences but to convey an awareness that all things no matter how different they may appear in physical form, are all the same. Having an ear for deep jazzy tunes and being hugely influenced by the early Metalheadz era, Prism continues this sound in his selection of music playing vinyl and unreleased dubs from all around the world. Always in tune with the roots of what started both Dubstep and Drum and Bass, Prism’s selection rarely strays away from raw, emotional bass music but contains something for everyone which will insure a good time for all who catches one of his sets.

a Prism – Two Hearts
aa Prism – A New Life For Lily

DRUNK029 – Ekoplekz – Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2 – 12″ Vinyl
Intrusive Incidentalz Volume 2 is the concluding part of Ekoplekz’s collection of dark, oppressive atmospheres and violently unstable interludes, inspired by childhood memories of terrifying electronic soundtrack music from the 1970s. Developed through studio improvisation and channelling a sense of dread informed by the social, economic and political climate of life in 2012, Ekoplekz has delivered some of his finest, most vivid work to date. A bleak retro-futurist fantasy, or oblique soundtrack for a broken Britain? The truth probably lies somewhere between the two.

a1 Ekoplekz – On Vanishing Land (Intro)
a2 Ekoplekz – Pendulum Waltz
a3 Ekoplekz – Ringstone Round
a4 Ekoplekz – Ultra Warble
a5 Ekoplekz – Skala Shadow
a6 Ekoplekz – Silver Rain
a7 Ekoplekz – Abyss Ababa
b1 Ekoplekz – Neutronik III
b2 Ekoplekz – Kelvin Flats
b3 Ekoplekz – Sub Continent
b4 Ekoplekz – Effluvia
b5 Ekoplekz – Induction Channel
b6 Ekoplekz – Trubshaw Test
b7 Ekoplekz – On Vanishing Land (Outro)

HEK018 – Randomer – We Laugh, We Scream – 12″ Vinyl
Randomer’s a dirty boy. And this is one of his dirtiest yet. Proprietary EDM trend-forecasting software has predicted year on year growth of deranged acid breakbeat music. We give you We Laugh We Scream. Nar: A timely response to the proliferation of industry “Yes men” Freak dub: If Dillinja made House?

a Randomer – We Laugh, We Scream
b1 Randomer – Nar
b2 Randomer – Freak Dub

AUXCD004V – Synth Sense – Tommorow’s World Remixes – 12″ Vinyl
Synth Sense’s Tomorrow’s World album gets the remix treatment from four of Auxiliary’s mainstays. Synkro and Sam KDC do their thing on Side A, while Indigo and label boss, ASC round off proceedings on Side AA. Four sublime cuts that take the Synth Sense sounds and offer an alternative take on them.

a1 Synth Sense – Lost In Time (Synkro Remix)
a2 Synth Sense – Yesterday’s Future (Sam KDC Remix)
aa1 Synth Sense – Tomorrow’s World (Indigo Remix)
aa2 Synth Sense – Sea Of Storms (ASC Remix)

AWD003 – Unknown – Dry Cry – 12″ Vinyl
Limited one sided white label.

a Unknown – Dry Cry

MSS001MSS002 – Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty – Moonshine Steppas Discover The Unified Power of Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty – 12″ Vinyl x 2
Moonshine Recordings and Steppas Records have joined forces to bring you a collaborative release featuring some of the most current and exciting names in dub and bass music. Both labels are deeply involved in the current dub scene and their knowledge, respect and understanding of the music and its historical roots mean they are perfectly positioned to provide a release that has both depth and intense musical skill. Following a successful stint in North Asia Alpha Steppa of Steppas Records is back in the motherland (UK). Extensive touring and experimentation with traditional instruments has served to both fine-tune his production skills and inspire a burst of creativity. Never one to rest on his laurels, Alpha Steppa has quickly teamed up with Moonshine Recordings to continue his ever increasing contribution to the dub world. Alpha Steppa has also reconnected with his mentors on this record, forming the aptly named Dub Dynasty with UK dub heavy-weights Alpha and Omega. There can be no doubt that these three artists understand each others musical capabilities perfectly. This debut collaboration presents a taste of what music connoisseurs can expect later in the year when the heavily anticipated Dub Dynasty full album drops. Moonshine Records have worked with Radikal Guru and Cian Finn previously, on the well-received Rootstepa album and Rootstepa Remixed EP and that relationship and connection is clearly apparent here. Watch out for Finn’s deeply emotive lyrics on ’9 Years’ where he transforms a great dub tune into a powerful meditation on the cost of war. Finn and Guru work seamlessly together and it’s a testament to all involved that the tracks work just as well with pure dub or vocals. On the flip side, currently being subject to extensive rewinds by some of the most respected DJs in dub, dubstep and international bass music alike, ‘Ireland’ has anthem written all over it. And with versions and dubs from all of the above artists this release is simply not to be missed. ‘Moonshine Steppas Present the Unified Power of Radikal Guru, Cian Finn, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty’ is sure to find its way into the record boxes of every bass loving man, woman and child around the globe. *PROMO VIDEO*

a1 Radikal Guru & Cian Finn – Ireland
a2 Radikal Guru & Cian Finn – Ireland Dub
b1 Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn – Ireland
b2 Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn – Ireland Dub
c1 Radikal Guru & Cian Finn – 9 Years
c2 Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn – 9 Years Dub
d1 Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn – 9 Years
d2 Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn – 9 Years Dub


New Bass Music Promos

HORO006 – ASC – Lost Sync Part 2 – 12″ Vinyl
In the process of compiling ASC’s recent “Out Of Sync’, album, we discovered we had at least 2 albums worth of incredible music that we wanted to be part of releasing. As ASC has also always been part of the reason we created the HORO series at all, it made sense to compile some of the most special cuts that we couldn’t fit onto the album onto their own Horo catalogue numbers as ‘Lost Sync’ Parts 1 and 2. These are not left overs, these are main courses we couldn’t fit into the perfectly rounded and beautifully realised product that ‘Out Of Sync’ became. For the full story of the building of ‘Out Of Sync’, ‘ Lost Sync’ Part 1 and 2 complete the experience. This is the soundtracking of a complex future world we can only imagine if we close our eyes and let these expertly crafted aural pathways transport us.

a1 ASC – The Morning After
a2 ASC – Equinoxe
b1 ASC – Open Source
b2 ASC – Nightmute

MM057 – Vindicatrix – Mengamuk – 12″ Vinyl x 2
Mengamuk seeps out from a Camberwell garret via the sweet sea scum of Terrengganu via a faint dusting of eczema via the DLR via distempered brass via engorged staves via broiled nuance via priapic 16ths via gentlemanly conduct via binary quicksand via Basingstoke via Beyer via a short in the spoken word via herring via industrial climes via salt via a fucking good slap round the chops via Korg via taxi highwaymen via viols & vials…once again Vindicatrix smears the air with the heady scent of amok…BM

v1 Vindicatrix – Cellophane
v2 Vindicatrix – Truceless Warfare
v3 Vindicatrix – Remote Viewers
vi1 Vindicatrix – Mengamuk
vi2 Vindicatrix – Kasare
vv1 Vindicatrix – Makan
vv2 Vindicatrix – Only Flashes (What Was The Nature Of The Catastrophe)
vii1 Vindicatrix – Runaway Prey
vii2 Vindicatrix – Utopium-Eater

HFT026 – Jack Dixon – E / Find Shelter – 12″ Vinyl
Jack Dixon follows a string of critically acclaimed releases for Apollo (R&S), Take and Losing Suki (Hypercolour) with his debut outing for Hotflush. Influenced by the sparse atmospherics of Wolfgang Voigt, the playful intricacy of Autechre beats and the off-kilter grooves of UK garage, the Berlin-based producer is unconstrained by genre or place, pioneering a modern, progressive sound that’s already garnered him a glowing reputation. In turns colourful, ambient, melodic and driving, his new EP feels right at home on Scuba’s label. Beginning with a deceptively clean and minimal rhythm, ‘E’ slowly gives way to lush glacial drones, skittering beats and huge euphoric drops to form a bold production that sits somewhere between the early morning techno dancefloors of Berlin and the murky sweatbox raves of late-night South London. On the flip, he delivers the soulfully taut ‘Find Shelter’. Warped vocals weave in and out of an insistent, jazzy house groove, backed by a tapestry of glitches, vinyl crackle and live drum flourishes. It all leads to one of the most delirious and ecstatic drops you’ll hear this year.

a Jack Dixon – E
b Jack Dixon – Find Shelter

TSWL00 – Hensen – Boss Mei – 12″ Vinyl
Debut single from Sydney-based artist Hensen, who is also a member of Australian band Seekae. B-side is a remix by Thigpen, an alias of Helix.

a Hensen – Boss Mei
b Hensen – Boss Mei (Thigpen Remix)

LWG001 – Sigha – Scene Couple / Brood – 10″ Vinyl
After an outstanding pack of 12-inches for Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, London DJ and producer Sigha a.k.a James Shaw confidently returns to the label with his heavily anticipated debut LP, ‘Living With Ghosts’. For this offering he presents twelve impressive techno and ambient productions and fuses his love of classic UK techno with the contemporary sound that currently pulses through Berlin’s Berghain. ’Brood’, an additional track not included on the aforementioned album, will be released as a very limited vinyl-only 10″, and will never see the digital light of day. The acid-licked ‘Scene Couple’, a track from the LP, accompanies it.

a Sigha – Scene Couple
b Sigha – Brood

MEDI062 – Swindle – Forest Funk EP – 12″ Vinyl
Hot of the heels of his last release ‘Do The Jazz Ep’ Swindle release the second part of his trilogy ‘Forest Funk’ EP before his album scheduled for release in 2013.

a Swindle – Forest Funk
b1 Swindle – Belfast
b2 Swindle – Mischief

7EVEN25 – ENA – Purported / Whereabouts – 12″ Vinyl
Bass Music producer from Tokyo, ENA is a major player of the Japanese underground Dubstep and Drum & Bass scenes for more than a decade. Taking influences from early Drum & Bass productions, Rave sound and Abstract Hip Hop, quoting names such as Photek, Krush, Source Direct and Renegade Hardware, ENA is recognized for his tight production technique and massive audio dynamics, as well as for his Djing selection and technical quality. Uncompromising, forward-thinking and unique, his releases on 7even Recordings, CX:Digital, HE:Digital, Hymen, Horizons Music, supported by Loxy, Rockwell ,Sabre, Consequence, Distal and Peverelist to name but a few, have pushed his profile on the international scene, notably being asked in June 2012 by Resident Advisor to provide the episode n°313 of their acclaimed RA pod cast series. ENA’s new 12” on 7even Recordings is the third of the Tokyo’s producer for the label in two years. Rare, ENA’s productions always impress by their uniqueness and high level of studio technique. “Purported” and “Whereabouts” are two dark pieces of electronic music, and have now become classic tracks on the Japanese underground scene. This vinyl production will be limited to 300 copies. ENA’s first album for 7even Recordings is due to be out early 2013.

a ENA – Purported
b ENA – Whereabouts

LTECH002 – BMB – Where Pail Limbs Lie – 12″ Vinyl
‘Where Pail Limbs Lie’ is the unexpected but none the less welcome return of British Murder Boys as BMB. BMB is a collaboration between Anthony ‘Surgeon’ Child and Karl ‘Regis’ O’Connor. Equally notorious for their explosive live/DJ performances as for their productions, their powerful brand of industrial techno – rhythmically complex, emboldened by visceral noise and a dub sensibility derived from the Cabaret Voltaire and Mark Stewart and the Mafia school of confrontational electronics. Individually both O’Connor and Child have been cornerstones of the British techno scene for over 18 years, hugely influential and uncompromising. For the first time with this release for Liberation Technologies BMB have recorded outside their own fiercely independent network.

a BMB – Dead Sun
b BMB – In Another Country

CIV047 – Débruit – From the Horizon Remixed (includes Download code) – 12″ Vinyl
On ’From the Horizon Remixed’ remixers LV, Mwëslee, Kelpe and Fulgeance each revise their favourite tracks from Débruit’s Afro-beat surrealist album ‘From The Horizon’. ’From The Horizon’ splices the musical roots and subsequent evolutionary patterns of Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and beyond. Driven by adventure, ideological principle and packed with intrigue, authenticity and tribute the album received critical acclaim from Q, Resident Advisor, Dazed & Confused, Quietus, XLR8R, The Wire and beyond. Débruit’s genre swerving combinations of instrumentation and style fuse West African musical expression with those of his own – From tribal beginnings through to 70’s highlife and psychedelic afro funk – the album incorporates rather than emulates to create sounds new, unheard and above all fun. Never does the albums depth displace its energy, groove or feel – and on ‘From the Horizon Remixed’ Débruit chose artists/remixers that continue to reward the listener with effortless enjoyment on many levels. Visionary prog-hop escapades open the proceedings, Spanish beat scientist Mwëslee (All City / Kindred Spirits / Rush Hour) chose to revise the haunting synth-scape of ‘Ouest Wind’s Seagulls’. His ultra-slick synth-boogie abstraction is one for the heads. Club heavy hip-hop that fans of Rustie or Dorian Concept should jump on. Neck-snapping, bass-driven sound design, wild leads, supremely executed melodic awareness and marching glitching snare workouts make this something special. London trio LV are no strangers to African influences, their recently released album Sebenza (on the excellent Hyperdub label) draws on the South African strains of house and Kwaito (and boasts collaborations with South African artists Okmalumkoolkat, Ruffest and Spoek Mathambo.) Their remix for Débruit sees their focus shift to Ghana and the rapid Highlife infused spine funk of ‘Ata’. One of the albums more sonically flamboyant party starters – they keep all the fun but dose up on disarming dancefloor danger, injecting a bouncing low end footwork rhythm before dropping frantic Afro-infused drum & bass breakbeat heat before breaking down with throbbing interpretations of Débruit’s trademark scything synths. Downtempo maestro Kelpe (DC Recordings / Svetlana / Black Acre) injects album opener ‘Cri’ with heavy thump and vintage-sounding hip-hop groove. Rich, melodic and with added authentic dusty crackle this is head-nodding, disco-flecked, downbeat inventiveness. Working the vocal samples and deftly positioning clattering drum edits with the exotic synths of the original drives the beat and keeps things endearingly freaky and fun. Fellow frenchman and Musique Large compatriot Fulgeance (All City / One Handed Music / Musique Large) chose the rhythmic gymnastics of ‘Zef’. Diving headlong into a kaleidoscopic array of synth arrangements, tumbling leads and crisp handclaps are blended with careering funk and evocative, retro-futurist electronics. His is a faultlessly executed display of multicoloured beatcraft and woozy discoid melodics that exquisitely closes the package.

a1 Débruit – Ouest Wind’s Seagulls (Mwëslee Remix)
a2 Débruit – Ata (LV Remix)
b1 Débruit – Cri (Kelpe Remix)
b2 Débruit – Zef (Fulgeance Remix)

CIV044 – Reso – Tangram LP (Includes Download code for full release) – 12″ Vinyl x 2
To the previously uninitiated, welcome to the world of Reso. For the familiar, welcome to ‘Tangram’. Since the latter half of the last decade, Alex Melia aka Reso has been blending heightened technological futurism with dancefloor prowess to create a densely cinematic musical universe. ‘Tangram’ is the much anticipated release of Reso’s debut long player, a landmark thirteen track odyssey that reaffirms the place of the ‘album’ within modern electronic music. An unflinching vision of the future and complete competency in his craft sees Reso construct a brave new narrative in the way that timeless artists like Richard D James, Photek, DJ Shadow and A Guy Called Gerald have done for earlier generations. Aligning an artist’s debut with some of the great, for want of a better phrase, “game-changing” albums of the electronic sphere can be a daunting prospect, but what Reso achieves on ‘Tangram’ redefines what dancefloor focussed electronic music can be ‘Tangram’s’ bold new galaxy opens with the unflinching ‘Exoframe’, and the first of many seamlessly executed transitions. ‘Creature’ goes for the jugular with heads down, screwface attitude; whilst the tech-step drumkit workout of ‘Axion’ ensures beat complexities and rhythmic possibilities are tested to the limit. Then…a change. The dense, beatless, textural timelessness of ‘Coronium’ is not what might be expected from this producer. Neither is the emotional ‘Simple Pleasures’. Or keytar riffs meeting jungle in ‘Virtua Rhythm’. This is the moment where ‘Tangram’ asserts itself as a true long player; decades of electronic music influence woven into a cohesive whole. Not only as music for soundsystems but also for headphones – musicianship is firmly at this record’s core. Reaching half way, ‘Interlude’ dissipates into the gut-bucket drum funk of ‘Nempo’ while ‘Backwards Glance’ sees innocent 2-step inflections and woodblock playfulness. The final chapter sees a sequence of tracks that display this producer’s dexterity. The bass mechanics of ‘Half Life’ make for an enthralling 140bpm tech-step workout, whilst the abrasive ‘Ishimura’ (taken from last year’s Civil Music EP of the same name) sets the listener up for the swing of ‘Check 1,2’, a curveball that reveals Reso’s love of dark hip-hop. Closing track ‘Tabris’ is the ultimate sign off, featuring a frankly staggering layered solo at the midway point that spirals into the nearest electronic music can come to Peter Frampton. Inspired by the Chinese puzzle that ‘Tangram’ is titled after, Reso has succeeded in forming a complete work through effortlessly intricate programming of myriad sounds and stimuli – dubstep, sci-fi, hip hop, Manga, ambient, dnb, Moving Shadow, Rephlex – with dynamic and intelligent structure. With ‘Tangram’ Reso continues to redefine genres and push boundaries with profound musical dexterity.

a1 Reso – Exoframe
a2 Reso – Creature
a3 Reso – Axion
b1 Reso – Coronium
b2 Reso – Simple Pleasures
b3 Reso – Virtua Rhythm
b4 Reso – Interlude
c1 Reso – Nempo
c2 Reso – Backwards Glance
c3 Reso – Half Life
d1 Reso – Ishimura
d2 Reso – Check 1 2
d3 Reso – Tabris


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