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New D&B Releases

SOULR058 – Lynx – Balloons – 12″ Vinyl
New Lynx single on Soulr.

a Lynx – Balloons
b Lynx – Passing Time


New D&B Promos

SOULR060 – Bungle – Aura – 12″ Vinyl
When Marcus asked Brazilian producer Bungle to make a tune for Soul:R with no pressure and no limitation he never expected him to come back with what Marcus says is the best Soul:R 12″ there has been for a long time. For months now “Astral Travel” and “Aura” have been turning heads in Intalex DJ sets all over the world as soon as they are played, with people rushing to find out what these tunes are. This is the first single from Soul:R for 2013 and it sets the bar high.

a Bungle – Aura
b Bungle – Astral Travel


D&B Restocks Vinyl

NONVOGUE006 – The Upbeats & Noisia / The Upbeats & Gridlok – Blindfold / Krypto 

D&B Restocks CD Albums

SUICIDECD012 – Mindscape – Martian Chronicles 
MJAZZLP09CD – Various Artists – Nostalgic Futurisms 

New Bass Music CD

ADRHH002 – Skuff – Destroy Everything – CD 
There are no flies on Skuff. He already knows, chances are you probably don’t know Skuff at all. That’s fine, most people that follow Skuff’s music probably don’t really know him either… that is until now… You may already know Skuff, co-founder of Rawganics (the UK’s biggest ever hip-hop club night), founding member of Delegates of Culture and co-founder of the Supreme Being clothing label. You may know him from the ‘End of the World News’ LP or maybe the recent ‘Deep Covers’ projects’. You may well know him as a skillful live performer, having seen him on stage solo or as one half of the popular ‘Skuff & Inja Show’, which tours globally. You might even have heard his music on BBC radio, or some of his collaboraions with the likes of Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva, Taskforce, Dirty Dike & Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders. In 2012 Skuff is here to Destroy Everything! Destroy Everything is a definite must-have because it continues the UK’s (some would say waning) tradition of well constructed albums from genuine heavyweight writers, among whom Skuff absolutely cements his place as a lyrical giant. Featuring Production by Mr Constant, Chemo, Farma G, Bioviolence, Skuff, Inja & Bee 109. Features by Dirty Dike, Inja, Slang Immaculate, S Class & Life.

CD1 1 Skuff – Intro (For Your Love) -
CD1 2 Skuff – Do Be Do -
CD1 3 Skuff – The Me Skit -
CD1 4 Skuff – The Me Tune -
CD1 5 Skuff – Darkside -
CD1 6 Skuff – ID 2012 (Teens On A Plane) -
CD1 7 Skuff – NYE -
CD1 8 Skuff Ft. Life – Spaz Out -
CD1 9 Skuff – Feeling Good -
CD1 10 Skuff – Re-Intro (Sid Vicious) -
CD1 11 Skuff Ft. Slang Immaculate, Dirty Dike, S Class and Inja – Standard -
CD1 12 Skuff Ft. Inja – Show Love -
CD1 13 Skuff – Rae Skit -
CD1 14 Skuff – So Sick -
CD1 15 Skuff – The Jewel -
CD1 16 Skuff – Dan Shaw (In Loving Memory) -
CD1 17 Skuff – Veterans By Dan Shaw (In Loving Memory) -


New Bass Music releases

SCHOOL001 – Dusky – Calling Me – 12″ Vinyl
School is the brand new imprint from industry veterans Katie Thiebaud, Peter Livingston and Jan Francis and its inaugural release comes from Dusky with ‘Calling Me’, out December. Releasing on vinyl and digital, with Dusky’s ‘Calling Me’ taking in one vinyl-only and one digital-only cut, details of School’s future releases and overall music policy are being kept under wraps but the bar is set high by Dusky for 001. Based out of Hornsey in London, Dusky (aka Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman) have had an exceptional year with their ‘Flo Jam’ and ‘Henry 85’ singles, remixes for Hot Chip, Rudimental and Justin Martin and a Radio 1 Essential mix all seeing near-universal support from across the electronic music spectrum. The duo’s inspirations of classic techno, quality R&B, Garage and Rave permeate all three tracks on ‘Calling Me’ and while the results come off a little tougher than previous material the distinct Dusky sense of funk and soul is ever-present. From the unrelenting title track to the muscular technoid garage of ‘What I Do’ via the proud rave-breakdown aesthetics of ‘Muriel’, this is some of the duo’s best work yet. Already debuted on Dusky’s recent Essential Mix as well as on Loefah’s Swamp81 radio show, this inaugural School EP sets the scene for the label perfectly.

a Dusky – Calling Me
b Dusky – Muriel

NCOMP006 – 15Marlow20 – Colehill Sex Music – 12″ Vinyl
Carrier bags do not break down as well as newspaper or compostable liners. They can clog up machinery used to recycle food, and plastic can be left in the compost that is made, which is no good for farmers’ fields.

a 15Marlow20 – Scum Vegas
b 15Marlow20 – Colehill Sex Music

PCRA002 – Blacksmif / Juno Sutton / Jabru / MTD & Dutty Dan – One Man & His Lighthouse / Butterfly Stitched / Stranded – 12″ Vinyl
Paradise Club Recordings are straight back to business with another limited run, coloured vinyl EP that should further establish the labels growing reputation for diverse, forward thinking musicianship and staunch production values. Opening proceedings on the A-side is ‘One Man & His Lighthouse’ by Blacksmif. Dense synth textures are layered upon a foundation of dynamic, pulsing cross rhythms to create an enchanting garage-meets-soul flavour that has come to define his distinct style. Continuing on the A side, Juno Sutton steps up on remix duties, creating a highly functional rework by ducking the tempo and stripping down the groove, realigning the track toward the dance-floor, while still perfectly complimenting Blacksmif’s more offbeat original. On the AA-side, Jabru shows another string to his bow and drops the pace further with the slow-burning ‘Butterfly Stitched’ (vinyl exclusive). Deep pounding 808s and driving claps are woven into lo-fi pads and a haunting vocal sample to form an ethereal, melodic stomper that still has the club set firmly in its sights. MTD & Dutty Dan round off the AA side with the incendiary ‘Stranded’. Primed for peak time destruction, the track combines gut-punching sub tones with powerful stabs and rugged, elemental percussion, resulting in a bass-heavy sonic weapon that ensures a full attendance on the floor time and time again. Support from Huxley, Brackles, T.Williams, Sinden, Breach, Redlight, Jody Wisternoff, Chrissy Murderbot, Hackman, Mosca, Riva Starr, MA1, Randomer, Synkro, Hodge, WNCL, Outboxx, GoldFFinch, Shadow Child, Ben Pearce and more.

a1 Blacksmif – One Man & His Lighthouse
a2 Blacksmif – One Man & His Lighthouse (Juno Sutton remix)
aa1 Jabru – Butterfly Stitched
aa2 MTD & Dutty Dan – Stranded


New Bass Music Promos

OSMUK025 – Sleeper & District – The Risk / Dark Mutations – 12″ Vinyl
After racking up some of the toughest bass-laden releases of 2012 both individually and collaboratively, Sleeper and District kick off 2013 with vital debut 12″ on Kryptic Minds’ Osiris Music uk imprint. The duo build a venomous soundscape ravaged by low-frequency menace on ‘The Risk’, with commanding kicks driving through the mix underneath lashings of twisted synth engineering to create a brutal composition that sits somewhere between Dubstep and Techno. Sleeper fronts up the flipside on a solo tip with ‘Dark Mutations’, a fierce halftime monster with licks of writhing mid-range riding colossal waves of sub-bass. Powerful and hard hitting vibrations from the Coventry-based pairing.

x Sleeper & District – The Risk
y Sleeper – Dark Mutations

LIT002 – Bebop and Rocksteady – Catalunya / Rubber Sophie – 12″ Vinyl
Following the first release on my LIT label is from the quite brilliantly named; Bebop & Rocksteady. This might be a new name to some but the guys behnd this project are lukes anger & Ben Mallott. After playing Catalunya  throughout the year i felt this tune needed to see a release, its just so f***ing good. Its response on the dancefloor was devastating. Anyone who has seen me dj recently would remember this one in my set , it gets a massive reaction once that drop comes in. I’ll still be playing this all year, a proper slice of good wonky techno. -Addison Groove

a Bebop and Rocksteady – Catalunya
aa Bebop and Rocksteady – Rubber Sophie

MINDSET013 – Biome – Spawned – 12″ Vinyl
Brand new from Mindset Records, Biome steps up with a surprising release considering his strong affiliation with the ‘dungeon step’ sound, here we see him unleash 3 Techno influenced tracks on Indigo’s Manchester based label, a new angle for Biome and on the strength of this release I’m sure we’ll see many more productions from him on this tip.

a Biome – Spawned
b1 Biome – Driveway
b2 Biome – Conscience

SWAMP024i – Boddika – Soul What Remixes – 12″ Vinyl
180 gram vinyl only release.

a Boddika – Soul What (Boddika Remix)
b Boddika – Soul What (Mickey Pearce Remix)

GIVE01 – Duke Dumont – The Giver (Locked Groove Remix) – 12″ Vinyl
Duke Dumont’s “The Giver” off of his For Club Play Only Pt. 2 EP is a floor burner whose hook is just as addicting as its deep, dark bassline. It has the same sort of crossover appeal that has lifted Disclosure from the underground into the pop mainstream in the UK, yet it hasn’t caught on virally in the same way that many of Disclosure’s tunes have. None of this matters to Belgian jacking techno and underground stalwart Tim Van de Meutter aka Locked Groove, however. Mr. Van de Meutter has effectively repurposed Duke Dumont’s original for the dark underground soundsystems of London and Europe with his remix of “The Giver,” which is why it’s no surprise that Scuba even included it in his recent mix for FACT Magazine. This remix is a techno affair that takes the hook from the original and adds a jacking 4/4 beat to it, making the original even more emotionally raw than it already is. Expect this remix to be rinsed out a lot over the coming months. Like the original, it will linger in your mind for weeks on end. You won’t be able to take it off of repeat. –

a1 Duke Dumont – The Giver (Locked Groove Remix)

LAB014 – Cluekid – Dolphin / Fossil – 12″ Vinyl
LAB014 is the third installment of Aquatic Lab’s releases from South London originator, Cluekid. Leading on from his recent ‘After The Storm’ EP (LAB012), the ‘Dolphin EP’ is another display of Clue’s well-heeled versatility and continual sonic growth, demonstrating why his extensive back catalogue of work continues to carry such high regard. As Cluekid’s most sought after dubplate in recent times, the A-side, ‘Dolphin’, is simply a masterclass in stellar meditation. Combining the bold sense of musicality of his previous releases with an expertly crafted arrangement, ‘Dolphin’ is certainly the epitome of Cluekid’s turquoise excursions. This melodic cut is as densely composed as it is meticulously stunning, as a serene melody ebbs and flows effortlessly with an undeniably unique deep-blue aura. The AA-side, ‘Fossil’, leans towards the mistier quadrants of Cluekid’s sonic signature, readily articulating all of the melancholic nuances of his work’s classic after hours vibes. Scattering percussion, atmospheric dispersion and deep bass all feature in this mammoth roller. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering and cut on 180-gram vinyl, LAB014 is currently receiving DJ support from Mala, Quest, V.I.V.E.K and Chef.

a Cluekid – Dolphin
aa Cluekid – Fossil

KIOSK027 – SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – Mariutza / The Grey Wall – 12″ Vinyl
After 2 succesfull opus on Kiosk, Sa Bat’ Machines strikes again with an even more amazing 2 tracker. Again they bring gipsy music to dubstep wild style, almost a trade mark since no one them managed it that well. But most amazing remain B side with a fantastic soul full jazzy dubstep tune, featuring the unique voices of vocalists Lucy & Lysa.

a SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – Mariutza
b SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – The Grey Wall

KILLA001 – Candy Man – Killa Sound (Unknown Remix) – 10″ Vinyl
Limited hand stamped 10″ vinyl

a Candy Man – Killa Sound (Unknown Remix)


Bass Music Restocks CD

PPROLP001 – Photek – KU:PALM 

Bass Music Vinyl Restocks

HEARTFELT001 – Disgu!se – Listen to Me (L-OW remix) / Camera (Disgu!se underexposed Remix) 
NMN004 – Hatti Vatti ft Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh Remix) / You (Indigo Remix) 
HEARTFELT002 – Disgu!se – Disgu!se Remixes Volume 2 

Jungle Restocks

CONGONATTY020 – Rebel MC & Top Cat – Police In Helicopter (Serial Killaz Remixes) 
CONGONATTY021 – Rebel MC Ft. Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy & Nanci Correla – Get Ready 
CONGONATTY022 – Rebel MC Ft. Daddy Freddy & Nanci Correia – Get Ready Remixes 
CONGONATTY023 – Rebel MC & Top Cat – Champion DJ (Serial Killaz Remixes) 
CONGONATTYREMIX10 – Conquering Lion – Code Red (Serial Killaz Remixes) 
CLC013 – Rebel MC – Defender of The Faith / Princess Lydia 
CLC082 – Rebel MC – Jungle Rebel / Mikail Jahnson 
CNV6 – Rebel MC – Born Again – Part 6 
CNVLP001 – Rebel MC – Born Again 
CONGONATTY012 – Rebel MC – Emperor Sellassie I / Ghetto Living 
CONGONATTY014 – Rebel Mc Ft Top Cat – Original Sess 
CONGONATTY018 – Rebel MC & Serial Killaz – Promised Land / Promised Land VIP 
CONGONATTY03 – Top Cat / Tribe Of Issachar – Original Ses (Police In Helicopter) 
CONGONATTY05 – Rebel MC – Champion DJ / Kunta Kinte 
CONGONATTY06 – Conquering Lion – Code Red 
CONGONATTY08 – Rebel MC – Junglist 
CONGONATTYREMIX3 – Rebel MC feat Top Cat – Champion DJ (Ebony Dubsters Remix) 
CONGONATTYREMIX6 – Rebel MC feat Peter Bouncer – Junglist 

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