release sheet 18-02-13


New D&B/Jungle Promos

DISSSLP001PT1 – Survival & Silent Witness – In from the Wild Album pt.1 (vinyl) – 12″ Vinyl
Our first offering from Survival and Silent Witness sets off the tone of what to expect from the full ‘In from the Wild’ package itself and album which seems to morph and twist from all out dance floor brutality to musical genius and back like these 2 artists seem to do so often and so effortlessly. “The Feeding” is a powerful space age drum-shuffled crowd killer whilst “Lights” presents a more musical journey from start to finish, in our eyes it’s a very complete 12″ pick from a very well pieced album. Trust us; this talented duo are taking no prisoners in 2013. Support for the album so far from: Friction (on BBC Radio 1), Laurent Garnier (on his PBB worldwide radio show), London Elektricity (on his Hospital Records Xmas podcast). Select tracks have also received wide support and praise from the likes of Calyx & Teebee, Break, Ant TC1, Nymfo (as featured on his Fabric mix), Xtrah, Youngsta, Octane, DLR, Skeptical, Artificial Intelligence, DBR UK, Basher, Mindscape, Lynx, Cern, Hybris, Ruckspin, June Miller and Gerra & Stone.

a Survival & Silent Witness – The Feeding (Drum intro mix)
aa Survival & Silent Witness – Lights

SUICIDE067 – Skeptical – Static – 12″ Vinyl
Commercial Suicide welcome Skeptical to the fold with the long awaited Static bw/ Frozen.

a Skeptical – Static
b Skeptical – Frozen

UM011 – Mikal – Spiritual / The Chant (Rido Remix) – 12″ Vinyl
Mikal’s ‘Spiritual’ is inspired by the sounds of classic Metalheadz. A relaxed atmosphere soon gives way to a thunderous kick drum and warped bass. It is easy to hear how this vinyl cut has been hammering clubs across the world. On the flip continues Utopia’s desire to push for consistent quality. Rido performs his remix duties of ‘The Chant’ most admirably. Dream-inducing atmospherics introduce this one, lulling us as the break builds up from the back of the mix into a climatic drop of beat and bass weight combined with the most meaty bass stab for the turnaround soldiers. DJ support from Andy C, Friction, Goldie, Break and many distinguished others.

a Mikal – Spiritual
b Mikal – The Chant (Rido Remix)

NARRATIVES004 – Overlook / Blocks & Escher – Three Shards / Embers – 12″ Vinyl
In a year that has seen the label grow from infancy to an outlet receiving acclaim far beyond its years; Narratives has found its way into the record boxes of the scenes elite including Rockwell, Friction, Teebee, Loxy & Marcus Intalex to name a few and whilst maintaining the 170 bpm tempo, has caught the attention of other genres by ways of DJ’s Laurent Garnier, Kuedo, and Rob Da Bank. The previous single closed 2012 on a high and saw the label earning Single of the Year awards (Everyday Junglist), a place in BBC Radio 1’s Drum and Bass 2012 round up, and the blessing of pioneer Goldie who described Narratives Music as “This is art”. Narratives Music marks its first year as a label with release number four and with it, the first piece of original music to grace the label from an artist other than label owners Blocks and Escher. The young talent Overlook steps up to deliver a track capturing the very ethos of the label and continues from where Narratives 003 left off. Cinematic soundscapes give way to a rhythm work out that nods to the works of Photek and Source Direct but drags and kicks those sounds into the future. Relentless and unnerving this one never stays still, progressing and developing for what seems a super short 7 minutes. Blocks and Escher retake the reigns for the flip side and remind us that this label will never be pigeon holed, it wants to surprise. ‘Embers’ unleashes again the emotive keys and melancholic synths revealed previously in this pairs music but carries a weight and character that takes it far beyond shoe gazing ambient. It feels like a track pulling against the chains of DnB and as a contrast to the other side of the single, leaves the listener in wonder of where the label is heading next. Mixmag D&B Single of the Month – March 2013. Teebee – “I love how they don’t give a fuck about fitting the norm Refreshing. Future.” Ulterior Motive – “Love this single” Skeptical – “Play this every set and have done for a while.” DJ Support includes: Goldie, Teebee, Skeptical, Loxy, Paradox, Doc Scott, Ulterior Motive.

a Overlook – Three Shards
b Blocks & Escher – Embers


D&B/Jungle Restocks

MODULE001 – Lenzman – More Than I Can Take / Silhouette 
MODULE007 – Dub Phizix – Break It / Four 
MODULE010 – June Miller – Snapcase 
SUICIDE064 – Prolix – Saw Head / Funkhole 

New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

LAB014 – Cluekid – Dolphin / Fossil – 12″ Vinyl
LAB014 is the third installment of Aquatic Lab’s releases from South London originator, Cluekid. Leading on from his recent ‘After The Storm’ EP (LAB012), the ‘Dolphin EP’ is another display of Clue’s well-heeled versatility and continual sonic growth, demonstrating why his extensive back catalogue of work continues to carry such high regard. As Cluekid’s most sought after dubplate in recent times, the A-side, ‘Dolphin’, is simply a masterclass in stellar meditation. Combining the bold sense of musicality of his previous releases with an expertly crafted arrangement, ‘Dolphin’ is certainly the epitome of Cluekid’s turquoise excursions. This melodic cut is as densely composed as it is meticulously stunning, as a serene melody ebbs and flows effortlessly with an undeniably unique deep-blue aura. The AA-side, ‘Fossil’, leans towards the mistier quadrants of Cluekid’s sonic signature, readily articulating all of the melancholic nuances of his work’s classic after hours vibes. Scattering percussion, atmospheric dispersion and deep bass all feature in this mammoth roller. Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering and cut on 180-gram vinyl, LAB014 is currently receiving DJ support from Mala, Quest, V.I.V.E.K and Chef.

a Cluekid – Dolphin
aa Cluekid – Fossil

KIOSK027 – SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – Mariutza / The Grey Wall – 12″ Vinyl
After 2 succesfull opus on Kiosk, Sa Bat’ Machines strikes again with an even more amazing 2 tracker. Again they bring gipsy music to dubstep wild style, almost a trade mark since no one them managed it that well. But most amazing remain B side with a fantastic soul full jazzy dubstep tune, featuring the unique voices of vocalists Lucy & Lysa.

a SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – Mariutza
b SA BAT’ MACHINES feat. LUCY & LYSA – The Grey Wall

KILLA001 – Candy Man – Killa Sound (Unknown Remix) – 10″ Vinyl
Limited hand stamped 10″ vinyl

a Candy Man – Killa Sound (Unknown Remix)


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

TEAL007 – Beastie Respond – Fictitious Nostalgia LP Sampler – 12″ Vinyl
The seventh release on Copenhagen’s Teal Recordings is a little hint of what can be expected from Beastie Respond first full length album. The A-side on the EP is a collaboration between Beastie Respond and the anonymous singer Alia Fresco. The lush and soulful vibes makes this song a worthy successor to Beastie Respond’s debut release Syncopy. This track has received frequent radio airplay in Denmark as well as Londons including dj-support from the likes of dBridge, Loxy and Blocks. The B-side features the dusty dnb track ‘UL90′ and the melodic ‘Jetliner’ exclusively featured on this sampler. Essential release.

a Beastie Respond – Wait For Me
b1 Beastie Respond – UL90
b2 Beastie Respond – Jetliner

PSQ008 – Craig McWhinney – Make Your Mess – 12″ Vinyl
The first release on Project Squared in a year, ‘Make Your Mess’ is a three track EP by Melbourne’s Craig McWhinney. Craig has been making music for years and releasing since the late 2000s on Melbourne labels such as Pinksilver, Melbourne Deepcast and his own Haul Music; also on labels based further afield such as Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast and Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe. Craig’s music is Techno, but it isn’t preoccupied with the 4/4, employing broken, swung and rolling drum patterns. His tracks often include melodic and harmonic elements and effects reminiscent of Dub Techno but without conforming to the pastiche template of the sub-genre. The Make Your Mess EP is composed of the core title track and two additional tracks that arose as interpretations and variations on the initial production: ‘Provocation Is An Excuse’ is more furious and loud, ‘Disengage’ is more restrained. All three are around 125 bpm and were produced in the space of a month between September and October 2012.

a Craig McWhinney – Make Your Mess
b1 Craig McWhinney – Provocation Is An Excuse
b2 Craig McWhinney – Disengage

ARTKL006 – Perverse – Tesla – 12″ Vinyl
Perverse return to Artikal for their second outing with Tesla andTimelapse.

a Perverse – Tesla
b Perverse – Timelapse


DEEPD008 – Biome – Light – 12″ Vinyl
Biome and Deep Heads have been on top form of late and this single shows us exactly why the label and the mighty Biome are blowing up in such a big way. “Light” is a breaky, rolling production with an abundance of sub low beauty. On the flip “Havana” gets the Biome VIP treatment that gives this Deep Heads classic a new, fresh feeling that is simply a joy on the ear drums. Lastly on the B2 cut, “Nightscape” hears Biome go down that dark and tribal road that so many of us are a custom to. All in all a smashing 12! Support comes from the usual suspects: N-Type, Hatcha, Kryptic Minds, Synkro, Indigo, Killawatt, Ipman to name a few.

a Biome – Light
b1 Biome – Havana VIP
b2 Biome – Nightscape (Deep Mix)

PLATTER003 – Al Tourettes & Paradroid – Reality Hostess / Brother Rides The Jailhorse – 12″ Vinyl
After the delectable and somewhat surprising first dishes served up on the Schmorgasbord by Appleblim & October and S-Max & Spatial in 2011, the label has been slow-cooking its next wares for maximum intensity of flavour, drafting in two chefs of wild international repute shunned from the Michelin star regime and forced into renegade culinary exploits that use food (or music) as merely a vessel for their twisted science. Al Tourettes has zapped many a taste bud in his time, bastardising the fundamental ingredients of electro, funk and techno and marinating in a glutinous psychedelia as organic as it is mechanised. Previous satisfied bellies have included Apple Pips and the soundtrack to Oscar-devouring, Portman- ravaging movie par excellence Black Swan. In the near future you can expect to find Al stimulating taste buds via the new, Fabric-backed powerhouse Houndstooth. Paradroid channels his own dietary expertise from a more intergalactic source made up largely of science-fiction and tasting much like a colour you’ve never seen. While a taste sensation with underlying notes of house and techno can be detected, it’s a flavour grossly embellished with creatine micro-samples and MSG effects trickery. Prior to preparing this dish he was largely to be found quelling the hunger pangs of such esteemed labels as Adjunct, Snork Enterprises, Orac, Force Inc. and Boogizm. On this release, both chefs collide their styles with gusto as seemingly distant approaches rub up against each other surprisingly naturally (for such unnatural initial creations).

1 Al Tourettes – Reality Hostess
2 Al Tourettes – Reality Hostess (Paradroid Electronic Bear Hug Remix)
3 Paradroid – Brother Rides The Jailhorse
4 Paradroid – Brother Rides The Jailhorse (Al Tourettes Remix)


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

PSQ006 – AnD – Algorythmic Love EP 
MS010 – RSD – Dancehall Rock ft Ricky Ranking / Too Much War 

New Electronic/House/Techno Releases

MMAKEM005 – Natan H – For Her EP – 12″ Vinyl
ManMakeMusic kick-off 2013 with their housiest offering to date from two new label artists, Natan H & Amy Jean. Natan H made his debut last year with Anton Zap’s Ethereal Sound and on this occasion collaborates with longtime creative partner for an EP of bumping, unconventional house music. Title track, “For Her”, is a beast of unrivalled warmth working a deep and steady groove to perfection. On the flip, “I Know” is a soulful disco-infused workout while “Rush” takes aim squarely at the late night raver with its enveloping pads and low-slung bass line.

a Natan H – For Her
b1 Natan H – I Know
b2 Natan H and Amy Jean – Rush

HS004 – Doubleheart – Roots EP – 12″ Vinyl
Our first release of the new year comes from Doubleheart, the collaborative project of two of Scotland’s longest serving creative individuals in electronic music – JD Twitch (Optimo Espacio) and Neil Landstrumm. Taking its name from title song ‘Roots’ – a sub heavy, tension building track that re-imagines Jamaican dub poet Michael Smith’s original from the seminal 1982 album ‘Mi Cyaan Believe it – the EP as a whole works as an analogue exploration into the rawer side of dance music. Working together allows these veteran producers to fuse their individual styles and musical sensibilities, combining Landstrumm’s raw aesthetic and mastery of hardware manipulation with Twitch’s unrivalled knowledge of what makes a dancefloor tick. Spawning from the depths of their imaginations and machines are 4 club-ready tracks brimming  with anticipation and menace. Although taking it’s inspiration from 80s electro and 90s acid & rave, the final result is far from a throwback to a halcyon, bygone era. Instead, they have managed to carve out a distinctive sound the bleeps and bangs it’s way firmly into 2013. 12” vinyl and digital formats will be available on January 28th. The vinyl will be packaged in a rough cast, twice debossed manilla sleeve, again designed and actualised by our designer Grampian Mountains. DJ support from Optimo, Ben UFO, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip / 2 Bears), Nightwave, Daniel Avery, Lando Kal, Sinden, Clouds, West Norwood Cassette Library, Medlar, Hot City, Tayo, Auntie Flo, Sei A…

a1 Doubleheart – Roots
a2 Doubleheart – Bruise
b1 Doubleheart – Ghent
b2 Doubleheart – Blast

GIVE01 – Duke Dumont – The Giver (Locked Groove Remix) – 12″ Vinyl
Duke Dumont’s “The Giver” off of his For Club Play Only Pt. 2 EP is a floor burner whose hook is just as addicting as its deep, dark bassline. It has the same sort of crossover appeal that has lifted Disclosure from the underground into the pop mainstream in the UK, yet it hasn’t caught on virally in the same way that many of Disclosure’s tunes have. None of this matters to Belgian jacking techno and underground stalwart Tim Van de Meutter aka Locked Groove, however. Mr. Van de Meutter has effectively repurposed Duke Dumont’s original for the dark underground soundsystems of London and Europe with his remix of “The Giver,” which is why it’s no surprise that Scuba even included it in his recent mix for FACT Magazine. This remix is a techno affair that takes the hook from the original and adds a jacking 4/4 beat to it, making the original even more emotionally raw than it already is. Expect this remix to be rinsed out a lot over the coming months. Like the original, it will linger in your mind for weeks on end. You won’t be able to take it off of repeat. –

a1 Duke Dumont – The Giver (Locked Groove Remix)


New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

ACLBL006 – Nphonix – Tactix EP – 12″ Vinyl
The first release on Audio Culture of 2013 comes courtesy of relative newcomer Nphonix. We say relative because the Moscow born and bred Nphonix has a string of releases under his belt on acclaimed labels in the drum n’ bass genre. As of late he has been experimenting with slower tempos and this is his first offering around the 130bpm mark. The EP showcases Nphonix’ diversity as a producer with 5 distinctly different tracks, touching on house, techno and electro which all share his love for dense and intense production.

a1 Nphonix – Tactix
b1 Nphonix – Don’t I Feel
b2 Nphonix – Naimina (Dub)

NIX006 – Nisse Nilson – All The Memories EP – 12″ Vinyl
Christmas was a while ago, and New Year burnt the last of the cash. It’s January, everyone’s broke and we need a little love in our lives. Thank God then that NIX006 is here; Frankfurt’s 19 year-old Nisse Nilson brings us just what’s needed to blow the failed resolution blues away and get us thinking about how much great music there is to be had in 2013. And what a title to start the release on! “All The Memories” is a seriously sexy number that combines twin snares with enough snap to leave you truly shocked with a murky Dankendirekt style vocal that creeps up incessantly until the first real drop. A wonderful Rhodes breakdown (everyone loves a Rhodes) allows a short respite before those drums work their magic on your head as well as your feet. “Tanz Akte B” takes a different route to the same crowd moving effect. Incorporating a natural shuffle in the shaker with an 808 kick style bassline, it doesn’t take long for the track’s serious bounce to infect the most leaden footed of revellers. A smattering of echoey chords and another gloopy vocal keeps the track evolving. The B-side opens with “I Need It” and the proof is in the title. This track will worm its way into your head and roll around for days. The drop is a jaw to the floor moment with a piercing hi-hat playing around the twin basslines to massive effect. If anything, the second drop is even bigger than the first, coming as it does when expectation is peaked. To round out the release, Nisse slows things down – the swirling chords and natural sounds acting as the sighs at the end of a particularly heavy evening, represented here in the driving drum track. A marimba rhythm slowly brings things back to the energetic high we’ve come to expect, and the hi hat it drags with it has hands in the air till the end. Nixwax prides itself on the stellar quality of its producers, and Nisse Nilson is no exception. Getting bodies moving is often thought of as the defining motivation for the production of electronic music, and NIX006 can boogie with the best of them. Don’t think, however, that this is to the detriment of cohesion and musicality. NIX006 works as a collection of banging tracks but also as a wonderful whole, one that demands and rewards repeated listens in equal measure.

a1 Nisse Nilson – All The Memories
a2 Nisse Nilson – Tanz Acte B
b1 Nisse Nilson – I Need It
b2 Nisse Nilson – Kleinstadtkinder


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

MMAKEM004 – Leon Vynehall – Gold Language EP 
NCOMP006 – 15Marlow20 – Colehill Sex Music 

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