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New D&B/Jungle Releases

EXIT043 – Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator – 12″ Vinyl
When Dub Phizix last graced the Exit catalogue alongside Skeptical and Strategy for the now classic ‘Marka’ single, the response was immense. Getting played by DJ’s across the board from the likes of Skream, David Rodigan, Shy FX, Chase & Status, Andy C, dBridge, Marcus Intalex, Toddla T, Mista Jam, Friction, Zane Lowe, Breakage, Mary Anne Hobbs (In fact, there’s probably too many DJ’s names to fit on this page) it became not only a club and radio anthem but also a Youtube hit with nearly 2 million plays to date. Just over a year later, a couple of trips DJing around the world he’s back with another one of Manchester’s finest MC’s (also from the Estate Recordings camp) Skittles. Hot off the back of his album ‘Poor with £100 trainers’ he combines with Dub Phizix on ‘Im a Creator’ to make another yet dancefloor anthem. Tearing up clubs and festivals since the distant summer months, it’s become another certified DJ tool guaranteed get any party going.

a Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator
aa Dub Phizix – Happy 5

BMT013 – Stray & Frederic Robinson – When It Rains / Thumbprint – 12″ Vinyl
Having spent more than seventeen cross-genre years featuring on some of dance music’s most prestigious imprints, Blu Mar Ten has opened the doors of their own label to a host of fresh young talent emerging from the leftfield of Drum & Bass and beyond. With a growing list of talent delivering a rollercoaster of emotions and armed with a desire to stand out rather than fit in, Blu Mar Ten Music (BMTM) is rapidly becoming a label to watch. The fourth release in this new chapter is bought to us by Stray & Frederic Robinson. Darlings of tastemakers across the spectrum, from Gilles Peterson to London Elektricity, Stray & Frederic Robinson specialise in complex, atmospheric tracks whose subtlety and musicality defies the brash conventions of contemporary dance music. Having already featured separately on leading labels Critical Records, Hospital Records, Med School, Brownswood, Exit, Invisible and many more we’re honoured to host the first collaboration between these two incredibly dynamic young producers. Stray: When it Rains – Almost a pulse rather than a track, When it Rains demands the listener’s attention not by shouting but by murmuring it’s message in the most restrained way possible. Muted soundscapes, rhodes and detached vocals are underpinned with the distant drone of city traffic, conjuring up images of a metropolis coming to life in the early morning. Only the hypnotic throb of a kick drum and sub-bass survive to remind the listener of When it Rain’s jungle origins. This deeply nuanced track explores the outer limits of abstract Drum & Bass in an exceptionally elegant and beautiful fashion. Stray & Frederic Robinson: Thumbprint – This first collaboration between the duo came into being in the summer of 2012 when Frederic Robinson left Austria to visit London for the first time. Four sleepless days and nights of studio confinement culminated in this neurotic chimera of tortured cellos and fractured breaks. Like mad scientists the pair have layered the scraping of stringed instruments over kaleidoscopic vocals while schizophrenic drums and percussion chatter like distressed, half-stepping barcodes. Thumbprint is an outstanding collision of talent and is unlikely to be the last alliance between these enfants terribles of modern electronic music.

a Stray – When It Rains
b Stray & Frederic Robinson – Thumbprint


New D&B/Jungle Promos

REDSEAL020 – Paradox – Scorpius / Crate Logic – 12″ Vinyl
For the 20th Samurai Red Seal 12″ we welcome the grand master of breakbeats for his debut with Samurai Red Seal. Paradox now appears rarely outside his own labels so we are honoured to have him as a special guest on Samurai Red Seal. ’Scorpius’ is a potent, menacing, refurbishing of the golden years of DnB with the heaviest drums and bass on any tune in your set. ’Crate Logic’ is perhaps the funkiest tune you will hear in the genre in 2013, built around an authentic funk break that is transformed into and unmistakeable Paradox groove. The full artwork dedicated sleeve is designed around the ethos and theme of the 12″, reflecting the dusty crate groove and highlighting the lost artform of ‘crate digging’ in modern DnB. This will be the 147th Paradox 12″ single!

a Paradox – Scorpius
aa Paradox – Crate Logic

DISSSLP001PT2 – Survival & Silent Witness – Tracer (ft. Cern) / Apache (Drum intro mix) – 12″ Vinyl
On the second piece of the 3 part edition of ‘In from the Wild’s album package we bring you arguably a monster piece from the album. Survival, Silent Witness and Cern’s “Tracer” could already be a predicted fave of ours for 2013! Turning heads (and decks) 360 in every club its played this is in simple terms a banger of a track – we’ll leave your ears to see if they agree. On the flip with “Apache” the duo present a clear tribute towards the inspirational early 90′s feel of Foul Play’s material, and to the fans who know their old school drums as much as we do; we offer no prizes for guessing which break features quite heavily across this tracks very musical but powerful trip down memory lane. Support for the album so far from: Friction (on BBC Radio 1), Laurent Garnier (on his PBB worldwide radio show), London Elektricity (on his Hospital Records Xmas podcast). Select tracks have also received wide support and praise from the likes of Calyx & Teebee, Break, Ant TC1, Nymfo (as featured on his Fabric mix), Xtrah, Youngsta, Octane, DLR, Skeptical, Artificial Intelligence, DBR UK, Basher, Mindscape, Lynx, Cern, Hybris, Ruckspin, June Miller and Gerra & Stone.

a Survival & Silent Witness – Tracer (ft. Cern)
aa Survival & Silent Witness – Apache (Drum intro mix) ft. Matt Impact


D&B/Jungle Restocks

BMT010 – Stray – Follow You Around / Contract 
ALIGN009 – Ruffhouse – Pellet / Classified 
BMT011 – eleven8 – Hadal Zone / Across the Sky 

New Dubstep/Bass Music CD

AUXCD005 – Various Artists – Auxcast Volume One – CD
Auxcast Volume One delivers a statement of intent with 10 hand-picked exclusives from the first year of the Auxiliary Podcast, known as Auxcast. Featuring tracks from Auxiliary regulars ASC, Sam KDC, Synth Sense, Method One & RQ. They are joined by Elemental ( known for his precise 140 outings on labels like Hot Flush), AnD (Manchester producers making a big splash in techno right now), Fis (New Zealand newcomer causing a stir with his unique vibes) and Bering Strait, who has featured on the label before as one half of Kiyoko.

1 AnD – Calmness
2 Method One – Stalagmite
3 Fis – Two Swords
4 Sam KDC – Alleviate
5 ASC – Missing You
6 RQ – Waiting
7 Bering Strait – Background
8 Elemental – Archival
9 Synth Sense – FM Voice Uplink
10 ASC – Defiant To The End (VIP)


New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

MEDI063 – Silkie – Neckback – 12″ Vinyl
New 180 gram vinyl from deep medi.

a Silkie – Neckback
b Silkie – Tribal

BBB006 – Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River / Kangs Odyssey – 12″ Vinyl
Blacksmif aka Londonʼs kaleidoscopic Yemi Olagbaiye stepped from the shadows in 2012 with his enthralling original 12” ʻHoop Dreams / Microweightʼ, gathering heavyweight support along the way from, Laurent Garnier, Ben Westbeech aka Breach, South London Ordnance, Mary Anne Hobbs and Audiojack to name a few. Not to mention an increasingly busy calendar, which notably included performances at Glade, and Dimensions. Returning for his second release on the grass roots inspired Blah Blah Blah Records, Blacksmif delivers his biggest release to date with two tracks of simmering beauty and dance floor elegance. Lorca completes the package with his characteristically smooth, and essential, dynamism. Opening Track ʻ How The Fly Saved The Riverʼ shuffles into existence with a determined percussive energy that is punctuated by luxuriously smooth flecks of melody, all of which lure you towards the richly soulful main vocal and exhilarating breakdown. ʻKangʼs Odysseyʼ is a much more sensual affair, with its warm languid melody casually strolling towards a wistfully entwined vocal duet. With already strong support from a number of leading peers, this record is set to further enhance Blacksmifʼs rapidly growing reputation. Resident Advisor – “Wobbly, Bashmore style bass…..and incredibly emotive stuff” (4/5) Audiojack – ” Loving the Lorca remix! Can we get a wav please?” (5/5) Ben Pearce – “Amazing Sounds” (5/5) Mary Anne Hobbs – “thank you” (4/5) Deetron – “Really into what Lorca are doing at the moment, great remix.” (5/5) Trevino aka Marcus Intalex – ” gonna play the lorca mix sounds nice to me “. (4/5) Breach aka Ben Westbeech – ” Love this, gonna play this in Trouw tomorrow. Amazing!” (4/5) J. Phlip (Dirtybird) – “This Lorca Remix is dope” (5/5) Joe Muggs (Mixmag/ Wire/ FACT) – ” Top class as ever from the lad Yemi” (4/5)

a Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River
b1 Blacksmif – Kangs Odyssey
b2 Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River (Lorca Remix)

MEDI068 – Tunnidge – Twenty 12 – 12″ Vinyl
New 180 gram vinyl from deep medi.

a Tunnidge – Twenty 12
b1 Tunnidge – Orion
b2 Tunnidge – Take Fight

ARE007 – 3rdeye – The Last Time I Saw You – 12″ Vinyl
Area Recordings kicks off 2013 with this stunning 2 tracker from leading Ozzy dubstepper James ’3rdeye’ Lyall. Already making a name for himself with a wealth of solid releases through some of dubsteps top digital labels, and a feature on our 5th release (Area Music Volume 1). We are pleased to release his first solo 12”. Following in true Area Recordings tradition we bring you 2 high quality cutting edge deep dubstep tunes, full of bass weight and musicality. Kicking things off with “The Last Time I Saw You”, the scene is clearly set. Taking what has been tagged as ‘the dungeon sound’ and pushing the boundaries with high quality technical production at the heart of a soulful dance floor meditation rhythm combining eerie atmospherics and trade mark swing with hypnotic flutes and haunting melodies. The flip side ‘Voodoo Girl’ drops with a smooth vocal and techy synth stabs, countering a lush guitar melody, sparsely used in equal measure to engross the listener. As the track builds the raw energy flows through with high quality production work. The balance between its pulsing momentum and subtle break downs clearly encapsulate 3rdeye’s solid song writing abilities not only showcasing his abilities as a top producer but also another hidden gem we present to our listeners.

1 3rdeye Ft. Akshay Kalawar – The Last Time I Saw You
2 3rdeye Ft. Ozz & Akshay Kalawar – Voodoo Girl


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

CIV051 – Danny Scrilla – Fluxus EP – 12″ Vinyl
Fluxus is Danny Scrilla’s first transmission for Civil Music and the Munich based producers second release. Following on from 2012′s Flash Powder EP for Om Unit’s ‘Cosmic Bridge’ label, ‘Fluxus’ sees Scrilla in expected fine form, and takes in four original neck snapping instrumental tracks plus two remixes from Japan’s Deep Medi member Goth-Trad and London producer and one to watch Deft. On Fluxus Scrilla’s productions run at 80-90BPM / 160-180 BPM exploiting slowfast halftime tempos yet are seemingly engineered from the sonic essence of ’06 OG dubstep’s dark sparse dreadnought sounds, with waves of quaking bass growing under iced-out percussion accentuated by toiling snares. Floating chords and hypnotic melodies drive skeletal riddims, sci-fi synthlines arc over the spacious heavyweight ruffage built for towering stacks and pitch black rooms.

a1 Danny Scrilla – Fallout
a2 Danny Scrilla – Thorium
b1 Danny Scrilla – Jolt
b2 Danny Scrilla – Magellanic Clouds


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

MS009 – Babylon System vs Truth – Babylon War 
ARTKL005 – Genetix – Installation / Natural State 
STRPS003 – Chimpo & Trigga – Gaza (Drama) 
DP076 – Caspa Ft. Mighty High Coup – On It 

New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

MMAKEM006 – Fold – Slime EP – 12″ Vinyl
FOLD cut his production teeth as one-half of the much lauded London deep house outfit Homepark. His first solo release to date, this EP reflects FOLD’s extensive knowledge of house and feeling for the dancefloor. A-side Slime perfectly fuses driving staccato percussion with classic deep house warmth. Moving Patterns is a more laidback affair combining soaring vocals with an irresistible bassline that harks back to the early days of jungle. The EP is a given a special twist by an unforgettable technofied remix of Slime from fellow Londoner Ethyl.

a Fold – Slime
b1 Fold – Moving Patterns
b2 Fold – Slime (Ethyl Remix)

NONPLUS023 – SCB / Basic Soul Unit – Think And Change LP Sampler 2 – 12″ Vinyl
Sampler 2 kicks off with SCB’s Dissipate, a gritty 4/4 number that’s been driving dancefloors crazy with its seemingly constantly ascending intro. This is definitely one of SCB’s finest productions to date and hugely sought after by his followers. Basic Soul unit provides the AA side, hot off the back of his debut Nonplus 12” he continues in the same vein with ‘Untoward’. This is heads down techno of the finest quality and this time he’s thrown some acid into the equation which bubbles and brews into a monster of a track.

a SCB – Dissipate
b Basic Soul Unit – Untoward

HF038 – Locked Groove – Heritage EP – 12″ Vinyl x 2
Young Belgian producer Locked Groove (aka Tim Van de Meutter) cements an increasingly central role in the Hotflush family fold with the release of the two part Heritage EP. Since his debut on the label, Tim has propagated what he himself has termed ‘100% House and Techno,’ combining elements of the big room, the deep and moody and straight up four-to-the-floor both into the space of a single track, and across the length of an EP. Taking a marked step on from last year’s Rooted and Keep It Simple EPs, Heritage pursues a joining of musical dots between and beyond classic House and Techno; from the Kerri Chandler-esque House of ‘Wear It Well’ through the epic landscaping of ‘Lost’ to ‘Dream Within A Dream”s Blade Runner beach party. In this collection, the young producer delivers two sets of three outstanding, genre-straddling tracks that further help to bolster Hotflush’s legacy as one of the most forward-thinking labels operating in 2013.

a Locked Groove – Do It Anyway
b1 Locked Groove – Wear It Well
b2 Locked Groove – Firefall
c1 Locked Groove – Night time At The Garage
c2 Locked Groove – Dream Within A Dream
d Locked Groove – Lost


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

CONVEX005 – Wraetlic – Wraetlic Sampler 1 
CCB12008 – Jean Nipon – Put It In The Trunk / Black Things On Desk / 35 Thieves 

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