release sheet 25-03-13


New D&B/Jungle Releases

DISSSLP001PT2 – Survival & Silent Witness – Tracer (ft. Cern) / Apache (Drum intro mix) – 12″ Vinyl
On the second piece of the 3 part edition of ‘In from the Wild’s album package we bring you arguably a monster piece from the album. Survival, Silent Witness and Cern’s “Tracer” could already be a predicted fave of ours for 2013! Turning heads (and decks) 360 in every club its played this is in simple terms a banger of a track – we’ll leave your ears to see if they agree. On the flip with “Apache” the duo present a clear tribute towards the inspirational early 90′s feel of Foul Play’s material, and to the fans who know their old school drums as much as we do; we offer no prizes for guessing which break features quite heavily across this tracks very musical but powerful trip down memory lane. Support for the album so far from: Friction (on BBC Radio 1), Laurent Garnier (on his PBB worldwide radio show), London Elektricity (on his Hospital Records Xmas podcast). Select tracks have also received wide support and praise from the likes of Calyx & Teebee, Break, Ant TC1, Nymfo (as featured on his Fabric mix), Xtrah, Youngsta, Octane, DLR, Skeptical, Artificial Intelligence, DBR UK, Basher, Mindscape, Lynx, Cern, Hybris, Ruckspin, June Miller and Gerra & Stone.

a Survival & Silent Witness – Tracer (ft. Cern)
aa Survival & Silent Witness – Apache (Drum intro mix) ft. Matt Impact


New D&B/Jungle Promos

MJAZZ15 – Rawtrachs – ‘Rawtrachs’ – Bundle
MJAZZ presents ‘Rawtrachs’ is a 17-minute ride of beats, bass, noise and rawness. There’s an obvious influence of jungle break beats and a ‘f**k off’ attitude to formulaic music. The music represents freedom from the formula, freedom from restrictions, and most of all the freedom to connect with the Universe via intuitive experiments with sounds. This release is limited to 30 cassettes – the cassettes are blue in a yellow case with a handcrafted cover – each of these covers are different (no two covers are the same). The cassette cases are then packaged up in an extra case which is hand sprayed with the MJAZZ seal of approval – super limited handcrafted packaging! This music is unapologetic and unadulterated – no ‘watered down for the masses’ business!

1 Rawtrachs – Before Time Was
2 Rawtrachs – Track 6
3 Rawtrachs – Cyberton3
4 Rawtrachs – Track 4
5 Rawtrachs – Cyberton1
6 Rawtrachs – Old Ting
7 Rawtrachs – Sound 1


D&B/Jungle Restocks

BMT010 – Stray – Follow You Around / Contract 
EXIT043 – Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator 
BMT013 – Stray & Frederic Robinson – When It Rains / Thumbprint 
CYN006 – Dimension – Synth City 

New Dubstep/Bass Music CD

AUXCD005 – Various Artists – Auxcast Volume One – CD
Auxcast Volume One delivers a statement of intent with 10 hand-picked exclusives from the first year of the Auxiliary Podcast, known as Auxcast. Featuring tracks from Auxiliary regulars ASC, Sam KDC, Synth Sense, Method One & RQ. They are joined by Elemental ( known for his precise 140 outings on labels like Hot Flush), AnD (Manchester producers making a big splash in techno right now), Fis (New Zealand newcomer causing a stir with his unique vibes) and Bering Strait, who has featured on the label before as one half of Kiyoko.

1 AnD – Calmness
2 Method One – Stalagmite
3 Fis – Two Swords
4 Sam KDC – Alleviate
5 ASC – Missing You
6 RQ – Waiting
7 Bering Strait – Background
8 Elemental – Archival
9 Synth Sense – FM Voice Uplink
10 ASC – Defiant To The End (VIP)


New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

OSMUK026 – Killawatt – Press On / Tantra – 12″ Vinyl
Osiris Music uk’s latest release comes from Killawatt, who steps up to deliver a jarring pair of tracks which further blur the boundaries of techno and bass music. Counting the likes of Amon Tobin, Eskmo, Marcell Dettman, Regis and Mika Vainio as his influences, Killawatt never allows his production concepts to stagnate the increasing techno-hybrid presence in his beats. Kicking off with ‘Press On’, a 4×4 backbone propels the tune with assistance from a sonically punishing kick and bass stabs. It’s a largely percussive affair which should please fans of techno as well as bass music heads. Don’t let the intro of the flip ‘Tantra’ fool you – the dreamy, floating intro soon makes way for an intense bassline and tribal percussion. Killawatt’s music has been supported by the likes of Skream and Benga on BBC Radio 1, J:Kenzo on 1xtra, Hatcha on Kiss FM as well as Mala, Joe Nice, Youngsta, Distance and N-Type on their legendary Rinse FM segments. He’s also a busy DJ, gracing the decks of events and clubs all around the UK including FWD, Cable, Corsica Studios and Vagabondz as well as international bookings cropping up as far afield as the USA, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia and Holland.

x Killawatt – Press On
y Killawatt – Tantra

CIV051 – Danny Scrilla – Fluxus EP – 12″ Vinyl
Fluxus is Danny Scrilla’s first transmission for Civil Music and the Munich based producers second release. Following on from 2012′s Flash Powder EP for Om Unit’s ‘Cosmic Bridge’ label, ‘Fluxus’ sees Scrilla in expected fine form, and takes in four original neck snapping instrumental tracks plus two remixes from Japan’s Deep Medi member Goth-Trad and London producer and one to watch Deft. On Fluxus Scrilla’s productions run at 80-90BPM / 160-180 BPM exploiting slowfast halftime tempos yet are seemingly engineered from the sonic essence of ’06 OG dubstep’s dark sparse dreadnought sounds, with waves of quaking bass growing under iced-out percussion accentuated by toiling snares. Floating chords and hypnotic melodies drive skeletal riddims, sci-fi synthlines arc over the spacious heavyweight ruffage built for towering stacks and pitch black rooms.

a1 Danny Scrilla – Fallout
a2 Danny Scrilla – Thorium
b1 Danny Scrilla – Jolt
b2 Danny Scrilla – Magellanic Clouds


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

MEDI066 – A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle – 12″ Vinyl
A/T/O/S, pronounced “A Taste Of Struggle” is the project of Amos & Truenoys. Introduced by a mutual friend, A/T/O/S started creating music together and their first invention “A Taste Of Struggle” has been quickly snapped up by dub pioneer Mala, signing them to his label DEEP MEDi. Impressive remixes by Skream and Commodo and an early spin of their debut by BBC 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobb’s hands A/T/O/S an almost perfect platform for success in 2013. A/T/O/S have also produced a stand out video for “A Taste Of Struggle”, created by Simon Mannaerts, featuring an unnerving yet beautiful animation, in turn keeping up the curious enigma the duo has already crafted. - Noisey – Music By Vice

a A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle
b1 A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle (Skream Remix)
b2 A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

OSMUK027EP – Kryptic Minds – Namaste EP – 12″ Vinyl x 2
The long awaited Badman VIP finally sees a vinyl release – individually numbered in silver foil and pressed on 180g. Never being ones to rest on their laurels and constantly pushing the envelope with their productions, Kryptic Minds switch things up again for the latest offering on their own Osiris Music UK imprint. “Nebula” is a juddering, mechanized piece that rasps from one earth shaking kick to the next, sprinkled with dark ethereal FX and what could be described as trademark eerie stabs. Further experimenting with the 4X4 blueprint, “To Feel” draws suspense during a formidable intro and then plunges down into menacing bass snarls and swaying syncopation which sit on a plateau of pristine sub bass pressure and industrial FX. – Written by Jim Syte

a Kryptic Minds – Nebula
b Kryptic Minds – To Feel
c Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP
d Kryptic Minds – Namaste

ELGATO001 – Elgato – Dunkel Jam – 12″ Vinyl
Elgato – Dunkel Jam – 12”

a Elgato – Dunkel Jam
b Elgato – We Dream Electric

EXIT044 – Om Unit & Sam Binga – Small Victories EP – 12″ Vinyl
Super limited 4 track EP from Om Unit & Sam Binga.

a1 Om Unit & Sam Binga – Small Victories
a2 Om Unit & Sam Binga – Gamma
b1 Om Unit & Sam Binga – Squares
b2 Om Unit & Sam Binga – Electric Riddim

SYSTM001 – V.I.V.E.K – Asteroids – 12″ Vinyl
Sometimes all it takes is a single track that can change the course of music and re-define a genre. Enter asteroids by V.I.V.E.K, a future classic and  the first release on his label SYSTEM MUSIC, back with over my head featuring Mel Dymond and a remix by Om Unit. This comes off the back of his night SYSTEM which has shifted the sound known as dubstep back to its foundation; No hype, just music. The opening track Asteroids is an epic minimal killer which has been supported by all the major players in the scene . Slow echoed strings fall into flashes of reverbed synths tinged with subtle emotion . The drop is depth defying, pure weight, power, feeling, but controlled like a lion ready to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. Close your eyes, listen, meditate. Over my head featuring Mel Dymond is as sublime if not rawer in emotion and feeling as asteroids due the creepy echoed vocals. Her flawless oration tints with echoes that pulsate into raw emotion and feeling that works effortlessly with the track. At one point in the track there is simply a sea of bass with echoed vocals hauntigly calling you. This is as deep as it gets A rework of asteroids also sits on the first release by man of the moment Om Unit, who brings his swagger and style to the remix. Exquisitely made, he has managed to keep the raw aesthetics of the track while adding a deep house / half step amalgamation. At points the double timed hats give a sense of urgency in the track which gives in some way a second groove, going from a deep house to a drum bass step. Truly inspirational rework.

a V.I.V.E.K – Asteroids
b1 V.I.V.E.K Ft. Mel Dymond – Over My Head
b2 V.I.V.E.K – Over My Head (Om Unit Remix)

NMN007 – Truth – Iron Lung / Medusa – 12″ Vinyl
Nearly five years have elapsed since Truth’s seminal Deep Medi plate ‘The Fatman’ announced their arrival as serious talents on the international dubstep scene. In that time they have nurtured and developed their reputation as architects of the fiercest, sub-low beats that balance raw dancefloor-rupturing force with the meditative, eyes-down characteristics of dubstep’s earliest formative sound. Their output has been prolific whilst maintaining the highest of quality control; releases span Black Box, Argon, Boka, Wheel & Deal, Tempa and with their Aquatic Lab LP ‘Puppets’ they delivered classic album that hits as hard today as it did back then. In 2013 they remain at the forefront of dubstep innovation, possessing the ingenuity and creative drive to continue to push the sonic envelope with their innovative,bass-ravaged sounds. The latest chapter in their illustrious music careers sees two cuts of intense halfstep pressure released on New Moon Recordings, an imprint still riding high from the success of the NMN006 transmission provided by kiwi compatriots Perverse. ‘Iron Lung’ and ‘Medusa’ are up there with some of the deepest beats Truth have ever built, as they paint cavernous and paranoid soundscapes on top of supremely engineered dread basslines. There’s an element of cohesiveness across the two tracks with both utilising haunting vocal melodies to create an icy-cold, ghostly aesthetic that chills to the core; Truth have long been masters of layering beautiful voice-based harmonies in their music, and it works to great effect here. On ‘Medusa’, underneath the precise rigidity of the halfstep drum structure, they imbue so much movement and swing with the subs, as they jump and sink through varying frequencies with real buoyancy; it’s an absolutely killer bassline and something you really have to experience on a soundsystem. Similarly, on ‘Iron Lung’ the low-end is of course a focal point, with slow-burn oscillations providing some wicked syncopation. The beat is typically sparse and skeletal, but the intersection of a collection perfectly timed growls, pads, muted horns and quaint strikes of percussion all combine to create an intricately detailed piece that keeps you vigorously rocking from side to side. The 12” as a whole is another example of fresh, impeccably produced bassweight excellence from the duo, and another firm indicator that Truth’s signature sound is in the rudest of health.

a Truth – Iron Lung
b Truth – Medusa

HBOOG04 – 3D!T/Queaver – Split EP – 12″ Vinyl
Horror Boogie has combined two firm favourites for the fourth release. Sick of techno taking itself too seriously, 3D!T aka Ed Giles decided to start writing music that was different to the endless sea of uninteresting records on offer, injecting large doses of humour and originality to his sound. Ed is an integral part of the wonky scene, earning his solid reputation and major respect through releases on Ugly Funk, Shed, Don’t, Coin Op, Miditonal and with his insane live sets of glitchy, breaky, wobbly, jacking, warped techno. A1 – ‘Giant Chickens’ has been a big track in his live sets for some time now. This carnival of wonk always sets the crowd off.  A2 – ‘The Thing’ is a bass heavy, driving track with intense ravey stabs.  Formerly one half of Queaver and Versis, who had several big releases, most notably on Miditonal and were known for their crazy hardware live sets, Queaver keeps the typical Q&V sound alive enlarged with analog synthesizers and 8-bit sounds coming from the classic paddle game boy.  B1 – ‘Yeah or !’ is a slice of great jacking techno, with it’s skippy hats and stabs that have an almost Detroit-esque feel to them.  B2 – ‘Work Me’ is a pounding, peak-time jacking monster, with slamming kicks and that trademark Queaver sound.

a1 3D!T – Giant Chickens
a2 3D!T – The Thing
b1 Queaver – Yeah or !
b2 Queaver – Work Me

NWA009 – Squarewave – Squarewave EP – 12″ Vinyl
Four track release from label boss Squarewave, showing his versatility within the 140bpm range. Road tested in the clubs and radio worldwide, with DJ support from Plastician, Jakes, Sukh Knight, Compa and many more…

1 Squarewave – Home Alone
2 Squarewave – Rising Sun
3 Squarewave – Restricted Area
4 Squarewave – The Heist


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

BBB006 – Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River / Kangs Odyssey 
MEDI068 – Tunnidge – Twenty 12 
ARE007 – 3rdeye – The Last Time I Saw You 

New Electronic/House/Techno CD

GCW01LP – Out of Plato’s Cave – Solipsist – CD
The kindred minds of Simon Huxtable (Aural Imbalance) and Rhys Davies joined forces to create Out of Platos Cave, a haven for their earthy creative output. Distilled ambience and ethereal vocals resonate in harmony capturing an otherworldly spirit of the greater good. Subjective Beauty opens Solipsist with its best foot forward, a dreamscape of spellbinding form slides into transcendental get up. Tabla driven moves set out some instantaneous channeling of mood, smile inducing, positive vibes all around. Floating on for a classic Greta moment, previously remixed by a plethora of in house visionaries, Rainbow for Dawn’s dub enhanced heart warming qualities rectify any wrong doing the world has done upon you. Reaching deep into the clutches of your soul accentuating any ounce of will that desires to be taken and set free…. it’s a bit like that it is! Diving deep into Rhys’s sentiment we get enchanted by his prominence, through words in song Solipsist and the Mirror’s beauty pierces a weary spirit with melancholy charm. Its beauty elevates any apathetic subsidence with a soothing tug on a warm blanket. Another profound moment for OOPC, once antecedently mixed and expanded by Brun Swayzak, musical to the core and in it’s every breadth. Surrounded by the Sun’s acoustic reverberations span an ode to the wilderness and sigh an unfathomable sense of depth. Bringing clarity of realisation as all you can do is surrender to the Sun. Questions of Language lays out it’s poignant message, laying down principles of the psyche and the stripping of ego. Immersive musings of the dubious kind, submerged in Simon’s wondering atmospheric dynamics. Dipping into a prevalent law of nature abiding force de resistance, Huxtable sticks on his Aural Imbalance hat for Storms. DnB in the place. An all encompassing journey within prevailing pressure that reaches dizzy heights. See AI’s foundational roots breathing deep into the fold yielding a grand sense of reconciliation. Muse Through the Smoke spots a clearing in the distance, rubbing you up the right way with nods to a certain West Country soaked sensibility. Folktronicaliptic sensations fail to eclipse the inner message of commitment and courage. Invigorating elevation for the ever-present sparkle that resides at the very essence of our subconscious Nervous disposition intact, 3 Chords knocks a touch of tangible realism round the back of your head. Battling for an inward cry to be broken free. Hypnotizing and agonizing, a feeling served with the strongest of heart and conviction With the purest elation we get treated to a blessing of acknowledgment and gratitude. Subterranean electronics delicately wisp along to the intriguing strum like a siren waving and well wishing the most pleasant of valedictions… Close the door on the way out.

1 Out of Plato’s Cave – Subjective Beauty
2 Out of Plato’s Cave – Untitled Noodle
3 Out of Plato’s Cave – Rainbow for Dawn
4 Out of Plato’s Cave – Solipsist and the Mirror
5 Out of Plato’s Cave – Surrounded by the Sun
6 Out of Plato’s Cave – Untitled Noodle 2
7 Out of Plato’s Cave – Questions of Language
8 Out of Plato’s Cave – Storms
9 Out of Plato’s Cave – Muse through the Smoke
10 Out of Plato’s Cave – Untitled Noodle 3
11 Out of Plato’s Cave – Chords
12 Out of Plato’s Cave – Outro (Close The Door On The Way Out)
13 Out of Plato’s Cave – Rainbow for Dawn (Shane Berrys Rainbow for Japan Mix)


New Electronic/House/Techno Releases

MMAKEM006 – Fold – Slime EP – 12″ Vinyl
FOLD cut his production teeth as one-half of the much lauded London deep house outfit Homepark. His first solo release to date, this EP reflects FOLD’s extensive knowledge of house and feeling for the dancefloor. A-side Slime perfectly fuses driving staccato percussion with classic deep house warmth. Moving Patterns is a more laidback affair combining soaring vocals with an irresistible bassline that harks back to the early days of jungle. The EP is a given a special twist by an unforgettable technofied remix of Slime from fellow Londoner Ethyl.

a Fold – Slime
b1 Fold – Moving Patterns
b2 Fold – Slime (Ethyl Remix)

NONPLUS023 – SCB / Basic Soul Unit – Think And Change LP Sampler 2 – 12″ Vinyl
Sampler 2 kicks off with SCB’s Dissipate, a gritty 4/4 number that’s been driving dancefloors crazy with its seemingly constantly ascending intro. This is definitely one of SCB’s finest productions to date and hugely sought after by his followers. Basic Soul unit provides the AA side, hot off the back of his debut Nonplus 12” he continues in the same vein with ‘Untoward’. This is heads down techno of the finest quality and this time he’s thrown some acid into the equation which bubbles and brews into a monster of a track.

a SCB – Dissipate
b Basic Soul Unit – Untoward

DOT014 – James Welsh / Zoo Look – The Way / People Let Me Down Remixes EP – 12″ Vinyl
James Welsh ‘The Way’ EP (dot013) has been played, raved to and generally bigged up by some of the biggest names in dance music (Ame, Maya Jane Coles, James Zabiela, Deetron, Space Dimension Controller, Sasha, Luke Solomon, see, we weren’t joking mate). Whilst Zoo Look’s earlier ‘People Let Me Down’ release (dot011) has been thrust upon un-suspecting dance floors by the likes of Tony Humphries, Max Essa, Ralph Lawson, Jimpster and Cole Medina. It’s a smorgasbord of DJ talent, all serving up only the best ingredients. However James and the Zoo Look brethren were not content with simply taking a shot at world domination with their respective releases, so we have tooled up two of this year’s biggest remix maestros in Medlar and Tom Demac to provide us with their own interpretations of two of our biggest tracks of 2012. The original of James Welsh’s ‘The Way’ is a smooth grooving, RnB laced piece of house music. Perfect for eliciting a ‘lil’ bump and grind for the ladies on the floor. Tom Demac slips (but not so quietly) something like a 90’s house bass line into the mix, stepping the sexual chocolate up, removing the grind but not the bump. Whilst the original was a warm up weapon, Demac’s re-interpretation is definitely not to be introduced during foreplay. Whether remixing Deep Space Orchestra, Disclosure or dropping gigantic (if somewhat Cheeky) white-label garage-house juggernauts Medlar has spent the last couple of years releasing his own material or indeed meddling in others sonic business. Here he takes Zoo Looks slo-mo chug-athon and sprinkles it with fairy dust, a dash of disco and a whole heap of that Medlar attitude. Whatever exactly that may be?

a James Welsh – The Way (Tom Demac Remix)
b Zoo Look – People Let Me Down (Medlar Remix)


New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

GREC023V – Baio – Sunburn – 12″ Vinyl
In 2006 a young unknown David E Sugar rocked up at a Greco-Roman party armed with two nintendo gameboys and a guitar pedal and blew us all away with the ensuing hour of acid. The night was so legendary that he wrote a song about it for our New York Soundclash a few weeks later: “Oi New York, This Is London, Oi New York Greco-Roman Soundsystem” … and, quite by accident, the record label was born. A little black round piece of history accompanied by remixes from Skream, Hot Chip, Ragga Twins and Jesse Rose.

a1 Baio – Sunburn Modern
a2 Baio – Tanto feat. Matias Aguayo
aa1 Baio – Sunburn Modern (Session Victim Remix)

PIPS021 – Komon & Appleblim – Gas Jam / Silencio – 12″ Vinyl
Kicking off a big year for Apple Pips with something tasty and different from Komon & Appleblim! Having worked together on remixes for respected labels like Ninja Tune & Aus, Appleblim & Komonazmuk (now going under the name Komon for his house/bass productions) started jamming in the studio on some original material. Messing with boundaries and having fun was the order of the day, and what we have here are two of the first results… ’Gas Jam’ is a bassline-led roller with a nod to both classic UK Garage & the futuristic house & techno vibes of UK bass music. Getting dropped on Rinse FM on both the Marcus Nasty & Hypercolour shows, & with Eats Everything & Carl Craig supporting it already you can hear why it appeals to open minded and diverse DJs.. ’Silencio’ shimmers and shines on a glooped-out Balearic/kosmiche beat, an 80s soul soundsystem bassline funks on through and leads you into a woozy blissed out climax…slo-mo house/bass Balearic bizniss… With more collabs with Appleblim to follow this year, his new productions getting props from all angles, & releases lined up on Hypercolour, Komon’s year is shaping up nicely! Early DJ & radio support from Eats Everything, Carl Craig, George Fitzgerald, Damien Lazarus, Claude Vonstroke, Scratch Perverts, Lauren Garinier, Cedric Maison (Hypercolour head honcho), Marcus Nasty, Rob Da Bank, Gilles Peterson, Matt Tolfrey and many more.

a Komon & Appleblim – Gas Jam
b Komon & Appleblim – Silencio


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

MM055 – Tod Dockstader – Electronic Vol. 2 
CONVEX006 – Wraetlic – Wraetlic Sampler 2 
CONVEX007 – Wraetlic – Wraetlic Sampler 3 
CIV048 – Darling Farah – Body Remixed (Includes download Code) 

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