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New D&B/Jungle Releases

SUICIDE068 – Nymfo – Suddenly – 12″ Vinyl
Nymfo, real name Bardo Camp is the stuff of Dutch legend. With releases on Ram, Metalheadz, CIA, Dispatch etc and numerous on Commercial Suicide, including his debut LP “Characters” Bardo returns with 2 brand new floor fillers, both receiving so much support you couldn’t get anymore fucking support. All the right DJs are smashing it and all the mags love it. Fuck me, is this single big.

a Nymfo – Suddenly
b Nymfo – Air Jacks

BMT014 – delPurr & Eraser – Fairytale & Imagine – 12″ Vinyl
Having spent more than seventeen cross-genre years featuring on dance music’s most prestigious imprints, Blu Mar Ten are opening the doors of their own label to a host of fresh young talent emerging from the leftfield of Drum & Bass and beyond. Blu Mar Ten Music (BMTM) is a home for the beautiful and the ugly, the elegant and the awkward, the euphoric and the melancholy. With a growing list of talent delivering a rollercoaster of emotions and armed with a desire to stand out rather than fit in, BMTM is rapidly becoming a label to watch. The fourth release in this new chapter is bought to us by the brand new Slovakian duo, delPurr & Eraser. delPurr & Eraser debut on BMTM with two slices of beautiful, otherworldly dream & bass. Fairytale: Drawing heavily on the tradition of dark, Eastern European children’s stories, Fairytale fuses mutated high & low vocals with dreamlike pianos and a warping bass. Layers of lush, soundtrack synths layer themselves over the tune like giant cobwebs in a dense forest of clockwork percussion. Fairytale is a magical blend of the bittersweet, the disturbing and the sophisticated. Imagine: Reminiscent of Eno’s ‘Apollo’ era, Imagine’s sub-Hawaiian stylings and push-pull breathing of its rhythm sections could easily be the soundtrack to a new moon landing. Lethargic yet precise piano motifs are answered by equally languid guitar lines and underpinned by an oozing, liquid bass. A barely existent percussion section supports the whole fragile structure that threatens to vanish if you try and grab it too hard. Fairytale & Imagine are a perfect demonstration of Drum & Bass’s capacity to deliver elegant, cinematic music that exists outside the mainstream club environment and we’re proud to host this stunning debut from these exciting young producers.

a delPurr & Eraser – Fairytale
b delPurr & Eraser – Imagine


New D&B/Jungle Promos

TKRUK003 – DLR & Prolix / Silent Witness & Prolix – Originate / Stale Habits – 12″ Vinyl
“The third release on Trendkill Records sees Prolix teaming up with DLR and Silent Witness, both fresh from their highly successful album releases, to deliver 2 heavyweight collaborations. With radio support from Friction, Hype, and Crissy Criss.”

a DLR & Prolix – Originate
b Silent Witness & Prolix – Stale Habits

SUICIDE069 – Phil Tangent – More Than You’ll Ever Know / Contrition – 12″ Vinyl
Brand new Phil Tangent 12” on Commercial Suicide.

a Phil Tangent – More Than You’ll Ever Know
aa Phil Tangent – Contrition


D&B/Jungle Restocks

SECOPS019 – Seba – Too Much Too Soon 
REVREC024 – Sunchase & NickBee – Life Simulator / Full HD 

New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

CIV054 – Reso  – Tangram Remixed – 12″ Vinyl
Reso “Tangram Remixed” features KOAN Sound, Om Unit, Billain and Doshy remixes on the 12″ vinyl plus the digital bundle also includes Starkey, Drop The Lime, DJ Kentaro, Danny Scrilla, Evol Intent and Emperor remixes Tangram Remixed opens with KOAN Sound tackling ‘Axion’, pushing the tracks rhythmic possibilities yet further the OSWLA signed duo switch the glitching beat complexities into halftime stepping bliss. Remixer extraordinaire Om Unit perfectly balances ‘Simple Pleasures’ rich pads and dreamlike atmosphere with a slowfast footwork flux while Neurofunk god Billain delivers an exquisite and rare remix, a highly twisted take on the bass mechanics of ‘Half Life’. Doshy closes the 12″ with his unique neck snapping electro and trap infused rework of ‘Coronium’. The digital package also includes revisions of ‘Check 1,2′ by Philadelphia’s Starkey (Amen breaks and 8 bar grime), 18 year old D&B prodigy Emperor, Munich’s Danny Scrilla (Sub heavy dark, sparse ‘slower than it feels’ 85bpm O.G ’06 bass) and Japanese 2 x DMC world Champion DJ Kentaro (beat-juggling, electro-workout with more edits than you can count) Plus remixes of ‘Ishimura’ by NYC’s Drop the Lime remix  (Dark shuffling techno) and Atlanta’s Evol Intent (hard hitting D’n’B  with a half time feel).

a1 Reso – Axion (Koan Sound Remix)
a2 Reso – Simple Pleasures (Om Unit Remix)
b1 Reso – Half Life (Billain Remix)
b2 Reso – Coronium (Doshy Remix)


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

MEDI065 – Dub Mechz – Broken LFO – 12″ Vinyl
Introducing The Dub Mechz (Formally ‘The Dub Mechanics’), a South London based duo who Dj & produce Dub, Dubstep and various other genres of electronic music. They have been producing for about 7 years and are signed to Dubstep label DEEP MEDi MUSIK and have played various Dj gigs across Europe. They’ve had numerous appearances in the Dubstep scene such as Dubstep Allstars Vol7, featuring 2 of their tracks, Guest appearances at, DMZ, Subdub and DEEP MEDi Xmas Parties. With various tracks played on Kiss, Sub fm other internet radio stations with support from Coki, Mala, Dj Chef, Compa, Joe Nice, N-Type, Commodo, Von D and many more.

a Dub Mechz – Broken LFO
b Dub Mechz – Change Of Direction


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

SWAMP014 – ? – Sicko Cell / Knock Knock 
LIT002 – Bebop and Rocksteady – Catalunya / Rubber Sophie 
MINDSET013 – Biome – Spawned 
BFR011 – Genetix – Genetix Part 1 
LTECH003 – Bandshell – Caustic View 
MUVD004 – Biome – Black Widow 

New Electronic/House/Techno Releases

TEAL008 – Bakradze – Where Time Forgot / Jungle of Mystery / Every Possibility – 12″ Vinyl
New Georgian talent Bakradze hits Teal with a three-tracker. ‘where time forgot’ is a grooving house killer. ‘Jungle of Mystery’  is a strong slap of techno euphoria. Closing out is the tripping ‘Every possibility’ epic. Big Tip.

a Bakradze – Where Time Forgot
b1 Bakradze – Jungle of Mystery
b2 Bakradze – Every Possibility

GCW04V – Arnaldo – Left My Heart Some Place Grooved EP – 12″ Vinyl
Greta Cottage Workshop spend plenty of time & money hunting down that perfect cardboard sleeve (it’s an OCD thing). Hand stamped and/or painted, each one unique. Low runs a speciality. Dapper vinyl repositories, designed to make you covet that disc – Record Sleeves…. not just glorified paper bags. These are the sounds of Arnaldo: The missing forth member of the Three Muskateers continues his dulcet theme, with murky yet well executed space bumps that flux mercifully around his groove. The new gear accommodates his personal pace, extending musicality with somber melody yielding hefty legroom, enough to work those muscles. Holiday where you can see the Stars sets about to untangle this rather large and looming impendence. Beautifully amending itself into a lulling state of calm. Delicately blasting you into an unknown and distant inner light. The night sky opens brightly, unearthing a spirit in-tuned with the stars, ethereal and grounded – bounded by solid ground. Its sadness can make you feel happy, to cut a long story short. I left some Groove whips up a frenzy of gentle pace with a firm nod to the end of night throne, which Greta seems to capture more than most. A mood finisher of the highest degree, hypnotically dreamy, subtle and misty. A jam bound to be whistled long after the lights come on at the end of a capably emotional evening. Vibes shift into heads down stance, hypnotically skilled our man Arnaldo reaches for his South American Roots. Check this homage to the surliest and most rambunctious of deep house. Left my Heart some place warm serves up a belter of high end rhythmic bounce. Easily qualifying for the attention demanding spotters that note, having respect dealt from the rest of the folk. Pursuing no rush to make his point, left my heart glides channeling infectious recondite pulses with lastingness. Beneath the surface Dub pacer Water in Spanish glides off of a sharp bend, tricky low end percussion bubbles away as the groove intensifies growing more concentrated in its enticement. Subterranean deep-seated brain funk, ingrained and slightly unrestrained – a body pumping floater. Think chain reaction admiration without trying to imitate but provide a service in upholding the strong foundations already set in stone by that pair of channel blokes.

a1 Arnaldo – I Left Some Groove
a2 Arnaldo – Water In Spanish
b1 Arnaldo – Left My Heart Some Place Warm
b2 Arnaldo – Holiday Where You Can See The Stars

ACLBL007 – Severn Beach – Stitches EP – 12″ Vinyl
For the next release on Audio Culture we’re happy to present Severn Beach, a new moniker for the already well established Bristolian, James Fox. On the Stitches EP Severn Beach displays an impressive level of constraint and confidence while exploring the more stripped back yet detailed, rugged and tougher territories of house and techno.

a Severn Beach – Stitches
b1 Severn Beach – Pressure Waves
b2 Severn Beach – Do The Vortex

PCRA003 – Jabru, Blacksmif & Juno Sutton & MTD – Last Days of Rome / Gavelock / Solace State – 12″ Vinyl
Showing no signs of slowing down from their 2012 efforts (two EP’s including tracks from Hackman, Blacksmif, Jabru, Juno Sutton, MTD, and Dutty Dan), Paradise Club Recordings offer up the first taste of things to come from the label in 2013. This time on limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital, the 3rd multi-artist/genre EP kicks off in a surprising direction with ‘Last Days of Rome’ by Jabru (Bruh Jackman/Sound of the Cosmos) featuring the poetic vocal talents of Joshua Idehen (Benin City/LV). A melodically spiced sluggish groove, with an almost neo-dancehall rhythm, sets the perfect backdrop for Idehen’s masterfully narrated journey into a night out you’ll never forget. Administering the perfect antidote in remix form, Bristol’s Hodge (Outboxx/Deadplate/Idle Hands) ups the tempo a notch and delivers a hand crafted raw hitter that smacks so hard it should really come with a standard issue neck brace. On the flip Londoner Blacksmif (BlahBlahBlah/Synchronicty) serves up his welcome second contribution to the label in the shape of ‘Gavelock’. A gloriously uplifting garage tipped house number that builds through rolling percussion and Blacksmif’s almost trademark layers of rich synth and vocal textures, to a wall of sound finale that should have even the coldest of toes tapping. Closing out the wax is 4×4 funk workout ‘Solace State’ by Juno Sutton & MTD. Both artists featured on T. Williams’ recent ‘Rinse21’ CD compilation have tracks forthcoming on Huxley’s Saints & Sonnets as well as Williams’ own new imprint and so if this jacking slice of 80’s tinged bass cake is anything to go by, then the future looks very bright indeed for these two newcomers.

A1 Jabru Ft. Joshua Idehen – Last Days of Rome
A2 Jabru Ft. Joshua Idehen – Last Days of Rome (Hodge Remix)
AA1 Blacksmif – Gavelock
AA2 Juno Sutton & MTD – Solace State


New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

CCBLP001 – Various Artists – Paris Club Music – Volume 1 – 12″ Vinyl x 2
Paris is back and it’s no longer pumping to the filtered sound of disco house. Instead, a ‘90s generation have come of age born into the monochromatic shadow of Mathieu Kassovitz’s classic film, La Haine. A world of internal tensions cracking the ground for new shoots to appear from a vibrant street culture that’s en Seine in the membrane, raised as much on global bass and hip-hop’s freakiest mutations as the distant orbit of Chicago and Detroit. You can hear it in the music of ClekClekBoom, the Paris-based label which began in 2007 as a website releasing baile funk from Rio’s favelas but now serves up its own home-grown ghetto grooves. Built around a core of twenty-something DJs and producers, spearheaded by French Fries (who runs the label alongside Ministre X and The Boo), their youthful energy has forged boundary breaking ambitions. And as ClekClekBoom Recordings reaches its first birthday at the start of 2013, its dedication to quality and longevity is evident in a commitment to vinyl, alongside digital, releases, a box fresh aesthetic courtesy of artistic director The Boo, their fortnightly Boomcast show, attracting like-minded guests from Lunice to Bok Bok, and now this compilation – split between exclusive new tracks (CD1) and a summary of the label’s first eight releases (CD2). Stretching from blunted, purple drank stained vocals, to splinters of the ever-evolving hardcore continuum, ClekClekBoom’s musical ADD captures the soul of modern urban life, reassembling elements of juke, garage, house, techno and other machine cut sounds, the product of the first home-schooled internet generation who have left the old world mindset behind. Originally released by Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label, French Fries’ ‘Yo Vogue VIP’ opens the trove of new treasure, owing as much to cult documentary Paris Is Burning as his native city, its hormonally altered appearance scoring tens across the board. His second contribution, ‘Southside’, flips to raw Chicago house re-wired and re-swung, analogue rawness in a digital era, while Manaré’s jacking ‘Riddle’ encapsulates ClekClekBoom’s lean, fatless dancefloor accuracy. And that’s just the start, The Town drawing transatlantic inspiration for stripped-down roller ‘Dice’, Jean Nipon bringing the grime dread on ‘Coming At You’ and Coni taking things deep on the tracky ‘Missing You Nire’, Ministre X signing off in an explosion of colour with Purple synth workout ‘Kobe’. It’s this cast that makes up the label’s past highlights on CD2, with two exceptions. New Zealand duo Chaos In The CBD, honorary Parisians, turn out the roughly hewn hip house cut ‘Slab’, a lowdown booty-shaker that detonated dancefloors at the end of 2012. Closer to home though is Bambounou, recently snapped up by Berlin technarchists Modeselektor for his debut album ‘Orbiting’ on their 50 Weapons label. His collaboration with French Fries, ‘Hugz’, an explicit, voice modulating two-step anthem, lit up online message boards months before it launched ClekClekBoom as a record label proper. Solo effort ‘Night’, meanwhile, awarded DJ Mag’s Killer of the Month when it was released as a single, pumps out immense waves of club sub pressure, a calling card that neatly sum up ClekClekBoom’s modus operandi. – Joe Roberts (DJ MAG)

a1 French Fries – Southside
a2 The Town – Dice
b1 Jean Nipon – Coming At You
b2 Coni – Missing You Nire
c1 Manaré – Riddle
c2 Ministre X – Kobe
d French Fries – Yo Vogue VIP

SWAMP025 – Zed Bias & Paleman – Furrball / Boiler – 12″ Vinyl
180g vinyl only Zed Bias & Paleman on SWAMP81.

a Zed Bias & Paleman – Furrball
b Zed Bias & Paleman – Boiler

PYRL001 – J. Tijn – Jack 2 – 12″ Vinyl
Untold inaugurates his new label with three powerful club tools from London based J.Tijn. The EP lays down raw pummelling techno with nods to Jungle, Dub and Grime. A relative newcomer, J.Tijn introduced his signature sound with the track “The Anti Mixdown” on the well-received compilation “New Jack Techno” compiled by Turbo Recordings last year. His prolific work rate promises several more EP’s due for release in 2013.

a J. Tijn – Jack 2
b1 J. Tijn – Fucklebucks
b2 J. Tijn – Hamerhoofd


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

SAIGON009 – GoldFFinch – Funky Steppa (Trusta Remix) / Outer Twigs (Policy Remix) 
12DVMUTE3 – Diamond Version – EP3 



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