release sheet 22-04-13


New D&B/Jungle CD

MJAZZLP010CD – Justice & Metro – Oxymoron LP – CD
A journey into connective contrast, the Oxymoron LP is Justice & Metro’s best collaborative work to date. A refined exploration of self, history and the unmistakable MJazz sound. Paradoxically both future and retro, a true oxymoron. Support from DJ Flight, Blocks, ASC, Sam KDC, Code and Jason Os. “The Oxymoron LP is a total nod to our early days in rave in dodgy clubs and shady house parties in and around Luton and London. The sounds being played were a heady mix of lots of different genres, Acid, Breakbeat, House, Hardcore, Hip Hop were all played back to back in no order but somehow they all went, they maybe shouldn’t have but they did, dark and light, bitter sweet, oxymorons in sound.” – Justice & Metro

1 Justice & Metro – Trip Girl
2 Justice & Metro – Bosco
3 Justice & Metro – 2056 Future Unknown
4 Justice & Metro – Broken in Two
5 Justice & Metro – Snail
6 Justice & Metro – The Lovin
7 Justice & Metro – Piece of Wood
8 Justice & Metro – Growl
9 Justice & Metro – Oxymoron
10 Justice & Metro – Dope Boy
11 Justice & Metro – Rokit9
12 Justice & Metro – Pod
13 Justice & Metro – The Bear
14 Justice & Metro – Last Chance Before


New D&B/Jungle Releases

REDSEAL020 – Paradox – Scorpius / Crate Logic – 12″ Vinyl
For the 20th Samurai Red Seal 12″ we welcome the grand master of breakbeats for his debut with Samurai Red Seal. Paradox now appears rarely outside his own labels so we are honoured to have him as a special guest on Samurai Red Seal. ’Scorpius’ is a potent, menacing, refurbishing of the golden years of DnB with the heaviest drums and bass on any tune in your set. ’Crate Logic’ is perhaps the funkiest tune you will hear in the genre in 2013, built around an authentic funk break that is transformed into and unmistakeable Paradox groove. The full artwork dedicated sleeve is designed around the ethos and theme of the 12″, reflecting the dusty crate groove and highlighting the lost artform of ‘crate digging’ in modern DnB. This will be the 147th Paradox 12″ single!

a Paradox – Scorpius
aa Paradox – Crate Logic


New D&B/Jungle Promos

DISLTD008 – Cern & Verb – Degeneration – 10″ Vinyl
Dispatch Ltd’s first outing of 2013 sees an outstanding trans global release which amalgamates a true melting pot of multinational minds by bringing together a full collaborative effort by DBRUK, Belgium’s Mtwn & New Zealand’s Cern alongside Verb. DISLTD008 is a pure showcase of cutting edge Drum and Bass Music that brings together the formidable combined efforts of some of the scenes finest rising stars, once again all delivered with that unmistakable level of quality that now synonymous with Dispatch Ltd. The A side “Degeneration” clearly nods back to some the finest points in Drum and Bass heritage with a diamond cut blend of splashy rides, hoovering low tones and crashing amens which all blend together in perfect measure to bring that “hell caving’ vibe that’s absolutely tailor made for those later, lights down dancefloor moments, an outing of Drum and Bass Music at its rawest and hardest edge, Just as we feel it absolutely should be sometimes! The Flip, “Shrapnel” issues an unmistakable hollowed out Square wave workout which violently twists and turns through the sub frequencies, targeted at full aim towards the kind of SPL levels that penetrate straight through at chest level. “Shrapnel” is certainly the kind of stand out tune that you’ll remember the day after the night before as DBRUK and Mtwn again deliver with the highest level of production standard to deliver a very very healthy measure of creatively crafted originality.

a Cern & Verb – Degeneration
aa DBR UK & Mtwn – Shrapnel

MJAZZLP010S – Justice & Metro – Oxymoron LP Sampler – 10″ Vinyl
A journey into connective contrast, the Oxymoron LP is Justice & Metro’s best collaborative work to date. A refined exploration of self, history and the unmistakable MJazz sound. Paradoxically both future and retro, a true oxymoron. Support from DJ Flight, Blocks, ASC, Sam KDC, Code and Jason Os. “The Oxymoron LP is a total nod to our early days in rave in dodgy clubs and shady house parties in and around Luton and London. The sounds being played were a heady mix of lots of different genres, Acid, Breakbeat, House, Hardcore, Hip Hop were all played back to back in no order but somehow they all went, they maybe shouldn’t have but they did, dark and light, bitter sweet, oxymorons in sound.” – Justice & Metro

a Justice & Metro – Dope Boy
b Justice & Metro – Rokit9


D&B/Jungle Restocks

EXIT043 – Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator 
BMT013 – Stray & Frederic Robinson – When It Rains / Thumbprint 
DIFF010B – Frederic Robinson – Laughing at Clouds 

New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

MEDI066 – A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle – 12″ Vinyl
A/T/O/S, pronounced “A Taste Of Struggle” is the project of Amos & Truenoys. Introduced by a mutual friend, A/T/O/S started creating music together and their first invention “A Taste Of Struggle” has been quickly snapped up by dub pioneer Mala, signing them to his label DEEP MEDi. Impressive remixes by Skream and Commodo and an early spin of their debut by BBC 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobb’s hands A/T/O/S an almost perfect platform for success in 2013. A/T/O/S have also produced a stand out video for “A Taste Of Struggle”, created by Simon Mannaerts, featuring an unnerving yet beautiful animation, in turn keeping up the curious enigma the duo has already crafted. - Noisey – Music By Vice

a A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle
b1 A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle (Skream Remix)
b2 A / T / O / S – A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

MS011 – DJ Madd vs Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss – 12″ Vinyl
Moonshine Recordings is pleased to welcome two new heavyweight players in their roster – dubstep don Dj Madd and very talented TMSV. Both well known in the dubstep scene for their massive original productions as well as reggae mash-up’s and remixes. A side features DJ Madd’s new version of the mighty ‘Cuss Cuss’ anthem by legendary reggae singer Horace Andy. On the flip TMSV on the remix duties transformed the track into a dark, subloaded dancefloor weapon. Mastered by Beau and pressed on a heavyweight 12” vinyl. This one is not to be missed.

a DJ Madd vs Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss
b DJ Madd vs Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss (TMSV Remix)

NMN007 – Truth – Iron Lung / Medusa – 12″ Vinyl
Nearly five years have elapsed since Truth’s seminal Deep Medi plate ‘The Fatman’ announced their arrival as serious talents on the international dubstep scene. In that time they have nurtured and developed their reputation as architects of the fiercest, sub-low beats that balance raw dancefloor-rupturing force with the meditative, eyes-down characteristics of dubstep’s earliest formative sound. Their output has been prolific whilst maintaining the highest of quality control; releases span Black Box, Argon, Boka, Wheel & Deal, Tempa and with their Aquatic Lab LP ‘Puppets’ they delivered classic album that hits as hard today as it did back then. In 2013 they remain at the forefront of dubstep innovation, possessing the ingenuity and creative drive to continue to push the sonic envelope with their innovative,bass-ravaged sounds. The latest chapter in their illustrious music careers sees two cuts of intense halfstep pressure released on New Moon Recordings, an imprint still riding high from the success of the NMN006 transmission provided by kiwi compatriots Perverse. ‘Iron Lung’ and ‘Medusa’ are up there with some of the deepest beats Truth have ever built, as they paint cavernous and paranoid soundscapes on top of supremely engineered dread basslines. There’s an element of cohesiveness across the two tracks with both utilising haunting vocal melodies to create an icy-cold, ghostly aesthetic that chills to the core; Truth have long been masters of layering beautiful voice-based harmonies in their music, and it works to great effect here. On ‘Medusa’, underneath the precise rigidity of the halfstep drum structure, they imbue so much movement and swing with the subs, as they jump and sink through varying frequencies with real buoyancy; it’s an absolutely killer bassline and something you really have to experience on a soundsystem. Similarly, on ‘Iron Lung’ the low-end is of course a focal point, with slow-burn oscillations providing some wicked syncopation. The beat is typically sparse and skeletal, but the intersection of a collection perfectly timed growls, pads, muted horns and quaint strikes of percussion all combine to create an intricately detailed piece that keeps you vigorously rocking from side to side. The 12” as a whole is another example of fresh, impeccably produced bassweight excellence from the duo, and another firm indicator that Truth’s signature sound is in the rudest of health.

a Truth – Iron Lung
b Truth – Medusa

HBOOG04 – 3D!T/Queaver – Split EP – 12″ Vinyl
Horror Boogie has combined two firm favourites for the fourth release. Sick of techno taking itself too seriously, 3D!T aka Ed Giles decided to start writing music that was different to the endless sea of uninteresting records on offer, injecting large doses of humour and originality to his sound. Ed is an integral part of the wonky scene, earning his solid reputation and major respect through releases on Ugly Funk, Shed, Don’t, Coin Op, Miditonal and with his insane live sets of glitchy, breaky, wobbly, jacking, warped techno. A1 – ‘Giant Chickens’ has been a big track in his live sets for some time now. This carnival of wonk always sets the crowd off.  A2 – ‘The Thing’ is a bass heavy, driving track with intense ravey stabs.  Formerly one half of Queaver and Versis, who had several big releases, most notably on Miditonal and were known for their crazy hardware live sets, Queaver keeps the typical Q&V sound alive enlarged with analog synthesizers and 8-bit sounds coming from the classic paddle game boy.  B1 – ‘Yeah or !’ is a slice of great jacking techno, with it’s skippy hats and stabs that have an almost Detroit-esque feel to them.  B2 – ‘Work Me’ is a pounding, peak-time jacking monster, with slamming kicks and that trademark Queaver sound.

a1 3D!T – Giant Chickens
a2 3D!T – The Thing
b1 Queaver – Yeah or !
b2 Queaver – Work Me

NWA009 – Squarewave – Squarewave EP – 12″ Vinyl
Four track release from label boss Squarewave, showing his versatility within the 140bpm range. Road tested in the clubs and radio worldwide, with DJ support from Plastician, Jakes, Sukh Knight, Compa and many more…

1 Squarewave – Home Alone
2 Squarewave – Rising Sun
3 Squarewave – Restricted Area
4 Squarewave – The Heist


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

2NDRPLP001 – Djrum – Seven Lies – 12″ Vinyl x 3
2nd Drop Records release ‘Seven Lies’, the debut album by Felix Manuel aka Djrum (pronounced “Drum”). Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban London, influences of Portishead, DJ Shadow and The Cinematic Orchestra, jungle, minimal techno, classic house, broken beat – all seamlessly segued with a nod to jazz vinyl and film music. Fans will recognise Djrum’s iconic tropes on ‘Seven Lies’: widescreen atmospheres, dub chords, dusty and melancholic strings, obscure film samples. But this time its spread over a bigger, more luxurious canvas that dips like an undulating terrain of sound; techno troughs, bumpy hip hop breaks, euphoric drum and bass, all filtered through the Djrum node. Felix would admit himself he is a not a prolific producer. Preferring to craft and hone, often allowing music to mutate and diverge down different paths, his tracks often top the 8-9 min marks in length. However, each track is never at risk of becoming staid or boring, quite the opposite as ideas mutate and evolve, subtle differences and nuances are evoked and explored. Inspired by the sounds of Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show, Oxford born/London based Felix became involved with the free party scene and helped set up the seminal Yardcore nights in 2005. A night of wild extremes, it swept from acts as diverse as Hellfish, Andy Stott, Breakage and Various Production in one night. An aesthetic he still faithfully adheres to in his all-vinyl DJ sets, a seamless blend of techno, garage, dancehall, hip hop, old-school hardcore and jungle. Just as the dominant dubstep scene was in a painful, if fertile, transitionary period in 2010, Felix made his production debut as Djrum with 12” singles on the On the Edge and Smokin Sessions labels. This would ultimately provide him with the perfect platform for his own hybrid sound. A sound that instead of reflecting the brash energy of his DJ style, turned inwards, almost ingesting and metabolising those sounds to create an introspective and more sensitive and tactile crossbreed. The 2nd Drop label were lucky enough to pick up on his latent talent, drafting him to remix the wonderful lament ‘Explode’ by LV and Message To Bears ft Zaki Ibrahim, to widespread acclaim. In 2011 the ‘Mountains EP’ followed. A four track suite of music that captured the imagination of many: Francois K, Gilles Peterson, Craig Richards, Berlin’s highly respected T++, and featured in end of year charts across the board. The 3rd part of the ‘Mountains EP’ came the following year – as ‘Watermark’ b/w ‘The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat Pt2)’ – completing an epic body of music and setting up the realization of ‘Seven Lies’, this highly accomplished debut long player.

a Djrum – Obsession
b1 Djrum – Anchors (Feat. Shadowbox)
b2 Djrum – Comos Los Cerdos
c Djrum – Dam
d Djrum – Arcana (Do I Need You)
e1 Djrum – Lies (Feat. Shadowbox)
e2 Djrum – Honey
f1 Djrum – Arcana (Coda)
f2 Djrum – Thank You

KAP010 – Joker – Face Off EP – 12″ Vinyl
New Joker release on Kapsize

a1 Joker – Zim Zimma
a2 Joker – Gully Side
aa1 Joker – Handz Up
aa2 Joker – Newham Generals

IMRV004 – Quantum Soul vs Lamb – Strong Root – 12″ Vinyl
Quantum Soul and Innamind are proud to present their most ambitious project yet: Quantum Soul vs Lamb – Strong Root, backed with the QS original ‘Rolling Thunder’. After enlisting the mercurial talents of Gantz for their devastating third wax edition, Innamind have searched high and low for something special as a follow up, and found seasoned bass scientist Guy Chambers a.k.a Quantum Soul to provide the fire for IMRV004. Guy is a true musician, with the ability to not only craft soundsystem punishing low-frequencies, but to also imbue his beats with real depth, emotion and clarity. The QS discography dates way back to 2007, having released on seminal imprints such as Ranking Records, Dubting, Box Clever (with Cymatic) and Dubbed Out. Whilst the heavy dub-influence in his production has always been apparent, Guy remains one of the most versatile producers around, with his armoury also including his harder-edged subsonic firepower supported by the likes of Youngsta, and a kaleidoscopic range of exploratory, more experimental sounds. The pioneering UK group Lamb (composed of producer Andy Barlow and vocalist Lou Rhodes) are one of the gems of underground British music.  Responsible for some of the most powerful and emotive tracks of a generation, they had a profound effect on Chambers during his formative musical years.  Guy found particular inspiration in the grace, impact and metaphysical poetry of Lou’s soul-chilling vocal performances and it is with her melody from ‘Strong The Root’ (from the group’s 2011 studio album ’5′) that this release’s lead track has been created.  It is with the blessing from Lamb themselves that this release has been made possible. Drawing together elements which complement the nuances of Lou’s vocal, QS builds almost tangible levels of tension in his own inimitable style, detailing pattering hi-hats over stuttering kicks and misty ambience. As the track breaks, a wall of suffocating sub-pressure is released beneath Lou’s enchanting voice, providing raw impact and sheer bassweight to underpin the beauty of the harmonies, whilst at the same time referencing the lyrics directly. It’s one of the first times Chambers has worked with a voice so integral to a track, and it has resulted in what is undoubtedly one of his finest works to date. As a counter to the introspective, meditative vibe on ‘Strong Root’, QS lets loose a little with the brute force and energy of ‘Rolling Thunder’. The track is dominated by the off-beat pulse of ridiculously punchy kicks, and low-end frequencies rumble ominously beneath jagged flashes of mid-range snarl to form a leftfield club-stomper with plenty of bite. The final product is another engaging transmission from Innamind, as they deliver a pair of serious tracks from a producer at the top of his game.

1 Quantum Soul vs Lamb – Strong Root
2 Quantum Soul – Rolling Thunder


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

BBB006 – Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River / Kangs Odyssey 
CIV051 – Danny Scrilla – Fluxus EP 

New Electronic/House/Techno CD

SEPTICCD001 – Shackleton – Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs – CD x 2
Finally back in stock! 2 x CD in gatefold sleeve For those who want to know the background, it is something like this. I bought an Italian drawbar organ module around two years ago. Apparently Italian organs from that period had a bad reputation but I was so happy with it that it appeared on most of the tracks I had been working on. I thought I had an album together and was supposed to get it mastered on the day after the mastering session for the Pinch and Shackleton release on Honest Jons (sometime towards the end of Summer 2011). I had also been working on a 12″ of more spacious music to go with that album as a limited vinyl 12″. By the time that I finished the music though, the tracks for that 12″ became so long for that I couldn’t contain them to two sides of a vinyl. This is what became Music For The Quiet Hour album.

CD1 1 Shackleton Ft. Andreas Gerth – 0:00-7:35 Music For The Quiet Hour Part 1 -
CD1 2 Shackleton – 7:35-24:11 Music For The Quiet Hour Part 2 -
CD1 3 Shackleton – 24:11-36:36 Music For The Quiet Hour Part 3 -
CD1 4 Shackleton – 36:36-57:53 Music For The Quiet Hour Part 4 -
CD1 5 Shackleton Ft. Kingsuk Biswas – 57:53-64:49 Music For The Quiet Hour Part 5 -
CD2 1 Shackleton – (For the) Love of Weeping -
CD2 2 Shackleton – Touched -
CD2 3 Shackleton – Seven Present Tenses -
CD2 4 Shackleton – Powerplant -
CD2 5 Shackleton – Test Tubes -
CD2 6 Shackleton – Dipping -
CD2 7 Shackleton – Katyusha -
CD2 8 Shackleton – Wish You Better -
CD2 9 Shackleton – It Is Not Easy -
CD2 10 Shackleton – There Is A Place For Us -

CCBCD001 – Various Artists – Paris Club Music – Volume 1 – CD x 2
Paris is back and it’s no longer pumping to the filtered sound of disco house. Instead, a ‘90s generation have come of age born into the monochromatic shadow of Mathieu Kassovitz’s classic film, La Haine. A world of internal tensions cracking the ground for new shoots to appear from a vibrant street culture that’s en Seine in the membrane, raised as much on global bass and hip-hop’s freakiest mutations as the distant orbit of Chicago and Detroit. You can hear it in the music of ClekClekBoom, the Paris-based label which began in 2007 as a website releasing baile funk from Rio’s favelas but now serves up its own home-grown ghetto grooves. Built around a core of twenty-something DJs and producers, spearheaded by French Fries (who runs the label alongside Ministre X and The Boo), their youthful energy has forged boundary breaking ambitions. And as ClekClekBoom Recordings reaches its first birthday at the start of 2013, its dedication to quality and longevity is evident in a commitment to vinyl, alongside digital, releases, a box fresh aesthetic courtesy of artistic director The Boo, their fortnightly Boomcast show, attracting like-minded guests from Lunice to Bok Bok, and now this compilation – split between exclusive new tracks (CD1) and a summary of the label’s first eight releases (CD2). Stretching from blunted, purple drank stained vocals, to splinters of the ever-evolving hardcore continuum, ClekClekBoom’s musical ADD captures the soul of modern urban life, reassembling elements of juke, garage, house, techno and other machine cut sounds, the product of the first home-schooled internet generation who have left the old world mindset behind. Originally released by Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label, French Fries’ ‘Yo Vogue VIP’ opens the trove of new treasure, owing as much to cult documentary Paris Is Burning as his native city, its hormonally altered appearance scoring tens across the board. His second contribution, ‘Southside’, flips to raw Chicago house re-wired and re-swung, analogue rawness in a digital era, while Manaré’s jacking ‘Riddle’ encapsulates ClekClekBoom’s lean, fatless dancefloor accuracy. And that’s just the start, The Town drawing transatlantic inspiration for stripped-down roller ‘Dice’, Jean Nipon bringing the grime dread on ‘Coming At You’ and Coni taking things deep on the tracky ‘Missing You Nire’, Ministre X signing off in an explosion of colour with Purple synth workout ‘Kobe’. It’s this cast that makes up the label’s past highlights on CD2, with two exceptions. New Zealand duo Chaos In The CBD, honorary Parisians, turn out the roughly hewn hip house cut ‘Slab’, a lowdown booty-shaker that detonated dancefloors at the end of 2012. Closer to home though is Bambounou, recently snapped up by Berlin technarchists Modeselektor for his debut album ‘Orbiting’ on their 50 Weapons label. His collaboration with French Fries, ‘Hugz’, an explicit, voice modulating two-step anthem, lit up online message boards months before it launched ClekClekBoom as a record label proper. Solo effort ‘Night’, meanwhile, awarded DJ Mag’s Killer of the Month when it was released as a single, pumps out immense waves of club sub pressure, a calling card that neatly sum up ClekClekBoom’s modus operandi. – Joe Roberts (DJ MAG)

CD1 1 French Fries – Yo Vogue VIP -
CD1 2 Manaré – Riddle -
CD1 3 The Town – Dice -
CD1 4 Jean Nipon – Coming At You -
CD1 5 French Fries – Southside -
CD1 6 Coni – Missing you Nire -
CD1 7 Ministre X – Kobe -
CD2 1 French Fries – Champagne -
CD2 2 French Fries – Hugz Ft. Bambounou -
CD2 3 Coni – Luz In Pool -
CD2 4 Ministre X – Calling Me Ft. Sana (Radio Edit) -
CD2 5 The Town – The Movement -
CD2 6 Bambounou – Night -
CD2 7 Manaré – Quartz -
CD2 8 Chaos In The CBD – Slab -
CD2 9 Jean Nipon – Put It in The Trunk -

7EVENCD03 – ENA – Bilateral – CD
Currently exclusive to the CD format. Tokyo, Japan: 2013. In a city where time and space can easily become uncontrollable factors, the underground electronic music scene has built its own culture and society for more than 30 years. Taking and incorporating influences from all over the world, the creations born from Japan’s underground continue to stay highly unique and maintain a clear sense of being deeply Japanese. ENA has been a multi-instrumentalist artist, studio engineer,  DJ and producer for more than a decade now. The author of three acclaimed 12” releases over the past three years on the 7even Recordings imprint, his rare output has always impressed by the uniqueness of his sound and the high level of studio technique in his production. ENA has been tying the old to the new by blending diverse influences such as Dub music, early Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno and Abstract Hip Hop. He’s gained support from major players such as Surgeon, Laurent Garnier, A Made Up Sound, Pangaea, Goth-Trad and Peverelist to name but a few. His invitation to provide a Resident Advisor podcast, followed by a successful European tour made 2012 a particularly successful year for ENA. This first full-length album, “Bilateral”, is a visionary piece of music emerging from the studio of a very unique creator. Uncompromising, the 12 original tracks which compose “Bilateral” are the soundtrack of today’s Tokyo underground, the sound of a city of light and obscurity, stability and disequilibrium, stagnancy and full speed, the past, the present and the future. Press play and enter the world of one of the most creative composers of this generation.

1 ENA – Intro
2 ENA – Community Space
3 ENA – Mule Moth
4 ENA – Symbiot
5 ENA – Realization
6 ENA – Idle Moments
7 ENA – 86 Loop
8 ENA – Triple Heads
9 ENA – Inutility
10 ENA – Unplug
11 ENA – Ourselves
12 ENA – Double Meaning


New Electronic/House/Techno Releases

GREC023V – Baio – Sunburn – 12″ Vinyl
Last year Vampire Weekend’s Baio blessed us with a 3 track EP of tropical heat that featured Matias Aguayo on vocals. And at the end of this long winter we thought we’d warm you back up with a remix from our favourite Berliners Session Victim.

a1 Baio – Sunburn Modern
a2 Baio – Tanto feat. Matias Aguayo
aa1 Baio – Sunburn Modern (Session Victim Remix)

NONPLUSLP004PLATE1 – Boddika & Joy Orbison / Lowtek – Think And Change Plate 1 – 12″ Vinyl
Plate 1 of the ‘Think & Change’ box set.

a Boddika & Joy Orbison – &Fate
b Lowtek – The Rhythym (Remix 2)


New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

ACLBL008 – Lrusse & Bleecker – Peier Field EP – 12″ Vinyl
Audio Culture tap back into the creative pool of Bristol for a collaboration between two new alter egos: Lrusse & Bleecker. Lrusse is the new solo project of Ed Bayling, of Behling & Simpson the bristolian champions of slow-house burners, while Bleecker is the more 4×4 driven guise of fellow bristolian Wedge. The result of this collaborative effort are three tracks of chunky, slow, heavy analogue vibes with an abundance of atmospherics.

a Lrusse & Bleecker – Peier Field
b1 Lrusse & Bleecker – Angiogram
b2 Lrusse & Bleecker – Contact

WB011 – Innershades – That Girl EP – 12″ Vinyl
That Girl, produced by our recent discovery Innershades, opens with a repeated voice sample and a nostalgic pad, just to drop one minute later into one of the rawest hard hitting house tracks you’ll see around in a while. Hotflush’s Locked Groove gives the original track an acidic twist halved with his signature top-class deep house production skills. As if that isn’t enough, the B-side is followed by a simple-yet-effective remix from Ukraine’s very own Vakula who provides what seems a purely energetic techno cut right up to the point when the killer snare comes in. Early DJ support from Erol Alkan, Julio Bashmore, Ben UFO (Boiler Room/ Louche night), ND Baumecker (Ostgut Ton/Panorama Bar) and Red D (FCL)

a1 Innershades – That Girl
a2 Innershades – That Girl (Locked Groove She’s A Hoe Remix)
b1 Innershades – That Girl (Vakula Remix)

TACTICAL002 – Paul Mac – First Of Many – 12″ Vinyl
Techno veteran Paul Mac’s new label starts with something of a bang with this EP featuring a remix from Kamikaze Space Programme (Raiden). Hefty stripped down forward looking grooves are the order of the day here definitely one for the floor. Early DJ support from Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Truncate, Dustin Zahn.

a Paul Mac – First Of Many
b1 Paul Mac – Resident Problem (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)
b2 Paul Mac – Resident Problem

IDLE018 – Outboxx – Outboxx – 12″ Vinyl x 2
It’s been exciting to watch Outboxx take shape over the past two years, chasing their vision for a more meaningful kind of deep house music via Jake’s intense attention to detail, Matt’s way with the keys and Naomi’s arresting voice. It’s been a steady progression, reaching out to select labels but keeping things largely close to home on Idle Hands, Immerse and BRSTL, while their tracks have developed in ever more confident strides. They make perfect sense as a Bristol act, but not because of an externally idealised vision of a Bristol house music scene, but more because their music taps into the same spirit of adventure and soulfulness that has always characterised the most treasured of all music from the city. Like many before them, Outboxx have a gift for capturing emotion and anchoring it with just the right amount of rudeness. It feels like the right time then for an album from the pair, and upon listening to it you can instantly hear why. Afforded the space of a long player, Jake and Matt’s ideas flourish, both more refined and wilder in the same instance. The tempos move from lo-fi downtempo skit to pumped up house, via haunted minimal techno and snappy garage, and yet the shifts seem barely noticeable between the cohesive sound that they have formed. Most importantly, it’s a record that sounds completely out on its own, marrying together disparate sounds and rhythms and making them sound natural. It’s a great testament to how far Outboxx have come in short space of time, and an equally exciting pointer to what might come in the future.

a1 Outboxx – Home
a2 Outboxx – All the Right Moves
b1 Outboxx – Thrashing groovster
b2 Outboxx – Jewel City
c Outboxx – Lost Soul
d1 Outboxx – Withdrawal
d2 Outboxx – My Destination

PRCSD005 – 1DERL& – Intertwined EP – 12″ Vinyl
The album was a kick start. Now itʼs time for the next level. 1DERL&ʼs Reflection LP gets touched by four international techno heroes and revives as Processedʼs first vinyl EP. All-bass-master Kamikaze Space Programme adds some purified peak time punch to “Rayʼs House”, while Russiaʼs own Unbalance delivers an ultimate future version of the same track. Mattias Fridell is on a big room mission pulling the hidden depths of “Section Zero” and the albumʼs sunrise anthem “Vaporized” gets postponed to early cloudy afternoon by Ness. Adventurous journey through the borderless techno.

1 1DERL& – Ray’s House (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)
2 1DERL& – Ray’s House (Unbalance Remix)
3 1DERL& – Section Zero (Mattias Fridell Remix)
4 1DERL& – Vaporized (Ness Remix)


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

MM055 – Tod Dockstader – Electronic Vol. 2 
NONPLUS022 – Boddika & Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse – Think And Change LP Sampler 1 
NONPLUS023 – SCB / Basic Soul Unit – Think And Change LP Sampler 2 
DOT014 – James Welsh / Zoo Look – The Way / People Let Me Down Remixes EP 

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