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New D&B/Jungle Releases

SUICIDE069 – Phil Tangent – More Than You’ll Ever Know / Contrition – 12″ Vinyl
Phil tangent steps forward with what is perhaps his best work yet with a pairing of tunes tailor written for Commercial Suicide. Its a match made in heaven. Originally discovered by Bailey on his BBC 1 Xtra show Phil was brought to the attention of D&B heads worldwide and resulted in his debut release on none other than Marcus Intalex’s Soul:r imprint. With solid support from Klute, Lenzman, Doc Scott, DJ Hype, Fabio, Random Movement, Presha, A Sides and DJ Lee to name a few Phil represents a sound much needed. Just take a listen for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for a limited run of 100 in coloured vinyl.

a Phil Tangent – More Than You’ll Ever Know
aa Phil Tangent – Contrition


New D&B/Jungle Promos

DISLTD008 – Cern & Verb / DBR UK & Mtwn – Degeneration / Shrapnel – 10″ Vinyl
Dispatch Ltd’s first outing of 2013 sees an outstanding trans global release which amalgamates a true melting pot of multinational minds by bringing together a full collaborative effort by DBRUK, Belgium’s Mtwn & New Zealand’s Cern alongside Verb. DISLTD008 is a pure showcase of cutting edge Drum and Bass Music that brings together the formidable combined efforts of some of the scenes finest rising stars, once again all delivered with that unmistakable level of quality that now synonymous with Dispatch Ltd. The A side “Degeneration” clearly nods back to some the finest points in Drum and Bass heritage with a diamond cut blend of splashy rides, hoovering low tones and crashing amens which all blend together in perfect measure to bring that “hell caving’ vibe that’s absolutely tailor made for those later, lights down dancefloor moments, an outing of Drum and Bass Music at its rawest and hardest edge, Just as we feel it absolutely should be sometimes! The Flip, “Shrapnel” issues an unmistakable hollowed out Square wave workout which violently twists and turns through the sub frequencies, targeted at full aim towards the kind of SPL levels that penetrate straight through at chest level. “Shrapnel” is certainly the kind of stand out tune that you’ll remember the day after the night before as DBRUK and Mtwn again deliver with the highest level of production standard to deliver a very very healthy measure of creatively crafted originality.

a Cern & Verb – Degeneration
aa DBR UK & Mtwn – Shrapnel

DOWNTIME002 – Pennygiles – Love Come Running Free – 12″ Vinyl
Limited white label 12” After continuing to DJ, listen to, and love the sound of the genre, it was only a matter of time before Pennygiles – real name Stuart Maccallum – tried his hand at production, and having no musical background or any real knowledge of musical theory wasn’t going to get in his way. Picking up his first DAW in 2010, he began working on his first tunes, paving the way for what has been a hugely successful couple of years for him. Pennygiles delivers 2 slices of superbly executed soulful drum and bass for Alignments ‘Downtime’ sub project.

a Pennygiles – Love Come Running Free
b Pennygiles Ft. Jess Brinham – Thoughtless Emotion


D&B/Jungle Restocks

EXIT043 – Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator 
APEXXID001 – Felix K – The A 
COMMERCIAL007 – Detail – Exhaustion 
BMT014 – delPurr & Eraser – Fairytale & Imagine 

New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

MEDI065 – Dub Mechz – Broken LFO – 12″ Vinyl
Introducing The Dub Mechz (Formally ‘The Dub Mechanics’), a South London based duo who Dj & produce Dub, Dubstep and various other genres of electronic music. They have been producing for about 7 years and are signed to Dubstep label DEEP MEDi MUSIK and have played various Dj gigs across Europe. They’ve had numerous appearances in the Dubstep scene such as Dubstep Allstars Vol7, featuring 2 of their tracks, Guest appearances at, DMZ, Subdub and DEEP MEDi Xmas Parties. With various tracks played on Kiss, Sub fm other internet radio stations with support from Coki, Mala, Dj Chef, Compa, Joe Nice, N-Type, Commodo, Von D and many more.

a Dub Mechz – Broken LFO
b Dub Mechz – Change Of Direction

ARTKL007 – Sleeper – Ritual / Tidal – 12″ Vinyl
The Artikal Music roster grows stronger still, summoning Sleeper to serve up his signature searing reese lines and seismic sub bass for the seventh submission in the seminal label’s ruthless series of singles. Ritual / Tidal is a hulking mass of tribal ferocity; frantic atmospheres tortured by Sleeper’s sizzling leads give way to stampeding sub bass swagger and concussive war drums. Exercising dub fundamentals; he introduces tight, swiftly syncopated extra percussion on top of thuggish half-step rhythms, slyly building incredible kinetic energy with intensely delicate finesse. The Digi-bonus Quadrant brings the jungle panic to a dizzying close with hallucinogenic delays and that signature swirling reese. With support from Mala, Youngsta & J:Kenzo

a Sleeper – Ritual
b Sleeper – Tidal


New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos

HORO009 – Indigo – Reaching The Source – 12″ Vinyl
Manchester’s Indigo is an artist that was always in our sights for a Horo release when the label was created. An open minded, experimental individual that takes on different tempos constantly and masters them with his own unique style to the point that the speed of the music is unrecognisable. ‘Reaching The Source’ is the approach a lot of people have come to know Liam Blackburn aka Indigo for – a floating island of dream excerpts anchored by crisp percussion and Poppy Roberts vocals, a true lesson in the power of subtlety. ‘Tethys’ bares its teeth and writhes around with a bouncing menace that has had adventurous dancefloors enthralled. But ironically, of them all, this EP began with ‘Talia’ an ambient piece that you could loop to infinity, a deep valley of sumptuous sonics whirling around your ears. Limited 12″ marbled vinyl only.


OSMUK029 – Kaiju Ft. Flowdan – Hunter / Snagglepuss – 12″ Vinyl
Latest Kaiju release on Osiris. DJ support from Amit, Youngsta, Vivek.

a Kaiju Ft. Flowdan – Hunter
b Kaiju – Snagglepuss

BG002 – Kutz – The Zone EP – 12″ Vinyl
After the humbling amount of love and positivity shown for our first release (BG001-’Detonate’ by Dismantle, featured on Annie Mac’s “Class of 2012″ compilation and it’s b-side ’2 in 1′ to be featured on Joker’s forthcoming Rinse compilation), Black Gold are thrilled and very excited to announce their second release:  ”The Zone” by Kutz. An atmospheric, genre busting monster which is not your standard 140 bpm number. “The Zone” combines dancefloor sensibilities of whipped drum beats and heavy bass with the soundscapes of a John Carpenter movie. A natural progression in the evolution and development of Bass music, “The Zone” brilliantly fuses the power of raw cinematic grooves with the sophistication and lushness of a film score to devastating effect, making it both contemporary yet timeless. On the AA side are two totally different tracks that still fit the Black Gold ethos of powerful bass driven electronica/dance music ”Rodeo” has a rocking groove that is D-I-R-T-Y and is just begging for hot summer nights and heaving dancefloors. The hooks just dig in and take you with them on a bucking bronco ride that will leave you battered and bruised and wanting more…..4 minutes just isn’t long enough! Bringing you down with a more minimalist bump, the last track is “Krystal Visions”. Bootlegged to much acclaim (as ever) by Skream last year, this is a fine piece of sparse techno, full of glitchy metallic stabs that home in on your aural receptors, ready for battle.  However understated atmospherics like echoes from “The Zone” soften the blows, making this a really wonderful piece of spartan techno.

a Kutz – The Zone
b1 Kutz – Rodeo
b2 Kutz – Krystal Visions


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

SWAMP014 – ? – Sicko Cell / Knock Knock 
MEDI058 – Swindle – Do The Jazz 
BWOOD090LPG – Mala – Mala In Cuba ‘Vinyl Gatefold Edition’ + Download Card 
DRUNK030 – Zhou – Locust Tree 
CIV054 – Reso  – Tangram Remixed 

New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

DDO001 – Duff Disco – Originals One – 12″ Vinyl
Jeremy Duffy, the man behind the Join The Dots label and the Duff Disco edit’s is starting a new series of originals 12”s on his own imprint ‘Duff Disco’, following some richly detailed house and disco outings on the likes of Tenth Circle, Dikso and Composite. The first offering from Duff Disco is a two tracker featuring ‘A Little More Love’ and ‘You Shoulda Known’. The former marries punchy kicks to bristling percussion and sets an inviting tempo. Plenty of colour seeps in courtesy of some spacious chords and there is a finely balanced sense of joy aching to get out between the subtle vocal cries and shimmering synths. The flip side, ‘You Shoulda Known’ is that little bit more physical, with torque hi hats and drums padding out a mottled rhythm as more widescreen synths light up the whole thing from the behind. The latter half sees a frazzled synth line take centre stage as things delve into more driving deep disco territory. On this evidence, this is a series to more than keep your eyes on.

a Duff Disco – A Little More Love
b Duff Disco – You Shoulda Known

DB089 – Breach – Jack – 12″ Vinyl
I had dinner with Breach in London and he told me “Hey, I have a track that is really dirtybird. I would put it out but its really sounding right for you guys”. I took this with a grain of salt but then I heard “Let’s Get Hot” and I found out he was right. It’s got the swagger and the sound. It makes girls grind their asses into boys crotches on the dancefloor. Perfect. Signed. So I then asked him to make something even more sexual, thinking it would be ages before I got something back. 10 days later the A-side came back to me as a 2 minute clip while I was on the train to warehouse project in Manchester. I liked it so much that I edited it on the train to stretch it out to 5 minute. As expected, it slayed the room and the final version Breach has delivered is one of the best records of the year in my opinion. With the simple title of “Jack” you can see for yourself when you play it. This is the real deal. Love, VonStroke

a1 Breach – Jack
b1 Breach – Let’s Get Hot

PPRO18V – Photek – One – 12″ Vinyl
Following on from his long awaited album KU:PALM in November of last year, we now see its lead track Pyramid get a vinyl release on Photek’s own label, Photek Productions. The eastern instrumentation and spacey beats may not be apt for every dance floor, but for fans of Modus Operandi era Photek, Pyramid is an essential tune. On the flip we have Oshun, another track from KU:PALM this time remixed by Beneath, a producer that began making waves last year with a series of 12”s on his own label, No Symbols and a cracking mix for Fact Mag. He has gone on to release the Illusions EP on Dusk & Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings, as well as a 12” on Pinch’s influential Tectonic Recordings. Mixing the darkest elements of funky, dub and syncopated grime with a distinctly UK edge, Beneath’s complex layered beats result in a truly unique sound that is a perfect matched to remix fellow experimentalist Photek. A young producer that clearly knows his shit, Beneath is a breath of fresh air.

a Photek – Pyramid
b Photek – Oshun (Beneath Remix)


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

2NDRP12021 – Alex Coulton / Youandewan – FutureFoundations Part1 
SAIGON009 – GoldFFinch – Funky Steppa (Trusta Remix) / Outer Twigs (Policy Remix) 
TEAL008 – Bakradze – Where Time Forgot / Jungle of Mystery / Every Possibility 
GCW04V – Arnaldo – Left My Heart Some Place Grooved EP 
PCRA003 – Jabru, Blacksmif & Juno Sutton & MTD – Last Days of Rome / Gavelock / Solace State 

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