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New D&B/Jungle Releases

DMND016 – Aspect & Gremlinz / War – Armshouse / Makashi – 12″ Vinyl
Remaining permanently on the precipice of upfront, intelligent drum and bass, Demand Records have had a storming few years at the forefront of the scene. Shaping the brand new talents of upcoming producers like Ed:it, RoyGreen & Protone, Pennygiles, LSB and Heavy1, Demand has also become a home from home for revered musicians at the top of their game. Basing the label’s musical ethos around expertly crafted sounds that command attention no matter who created them has led to a die hard following and a truly impressive back catalogue. This, Demand Records’ first vinyl release of 2013, pushes together two standout tracks from Aspect and Gremlinz and newcomer War. Producing perhaps their strongest work when collaborating, both Aspect and Gremlinz attract the attentions of the higher ranks with every release. “Armshouse” does not disappoint, with devastating jungle breaks scarring the surface of a deep, rolling sub. Tight and rolling, this is engineered for the dancefloor, the darker and dirtier the better. War’s “Makashi” takes those malevolent bassy threats and adds them to the framework of an atmospheric stepper. Shaking up the percussion to a blur and adding ambient touches, it’s darkly addictive and full of disconcerting space. DJ support comes from all across the dj circuit. Marcus Intalex, Lenzman, Spectrasoul, Marky, Bailey, DJ Die, Shy Fx and Goldie are only a few to mention.

a Aspect & Gremlinz – Armshouse
aa War – Makashi

JA002 – Dialect, Kosine & Dub Pistols Ft. Rodney P – Dialect & Kosine Meets The Dub Pistols – 12″ Vinyl
The A side – ‘The Ganja VIP’ is an official remix for award winning producer & DJ Barry Ashworth at the Dubpistols which features the vocal talents of Rodney P produced & remixed by Dialect & Kosine. The Ganja VIP is the long awaited next release from Jungle Alliance Recordings featuring internationally renowned UK Hip-Hop vocalist Rodney P. Taken from the highly acclaimed Dub Pistols fourth album, ‘Rum’n’Coke’. This release provides classic London lyricism over a heavyweight Jungle remix production with an effective blend of rolling 808 bass, conscious dub rhythms, ragga percussion, all rolled up with a heavyweight dread wise second drop. shortly followed by meditational, slung-back trumpet solo!! truly one for every day herbalist junglist… The AA side – “No Need To Tell Ya” written & produced by X-Nation our latest signing to Jungle Alliance Recordings is a Jungle and DnB producer from the UK. Dedicated to the music since the early 90′s. X-Nation has really turned the tables on this one bringing an authentic re-lick of a well known Jungle release from the early 90′s. No Need To Tell Ya incorporates rare groove elements, tight percussion, sliced & diced breaks, soundclash vocals with powerful bass sections throughout the track, watch out for the catchy vocal hooks, taking the listener on a journey into Jungle!! Expect to hear a lot more from X-Nation in 2013 [X amount of beats!] Jungle Alliance Recordings has the full support of international DJ’s & Producers worldwide Including: Congo Natty, Adrian Sherwood, Ray Keith, Dub Pistols, Bizzy B, Aries, Nicky Blackmarket, Remarc, Equinox, Kenny Ken, Dr S Gachet, Krak In Dub, Saxon Soundsystem & Many More…

a Dialect, Kosine & The Dub Pistols Ft. Rodney P – The Ganja VIP
b X-Nation – No Need To Tell Ya


New D&B/Jungle Promos

NB008 – Curtis Lynch Ft. Million Stylez & Mr Williamz – Champion (Benny Page Remixes) – 12″ Vinyl
Benny Page has cemented himself as a Drum & Bass Legend, and this remix of “Champion” is yet another reason why his work continues to be among the most played in the genre currently. Featuring the current crop of Europes finest reggae dancehall mc’s Mr Williamz, Million Stylez, Cali P, & Ziggi Recado, the trade mark extra large Bassline accompanied by energetic sound system samples & beats makes this the drum & bass anthem for the summer!

a Curtis Lynch Ft. Million Stylez & Mr Williamz – Champion (Benny Page Remix)
b Curtis Lynch Ft. Million Stylez & Mr Williamz – Champion Dub (Benny Page Remix)

DISLTD009 – M-Zine, Scepticz & Detail – Point Of No Return / Reflexions – 10″ Vinyl
DISLTD009 see’s the Belgian onslaught continue with the second April release for Dispatch Ltd This time following up from April’s earlier intercontinental affair, three of Belgians finest exports bring “Point of No return”, “Reflexions” and “Chronicles” to Dispatches Ltd outlet. Mzine and Scepticz production rate is nothing short of prolific and this is certainly reflected here in both the creative content and production quality, all three tracks carry their familiar and now signature stripped back sonic soundscapes, truly illustrating that by adding less, more can definitely be achieved! Each single element is carefully sculpted and positioned within its own frequency space with the highest level of precision, leaving that all important, perfect measure of room to allow all of the low frequency content to breath and cut through to maximum effect. “Point of No Return” has understandably been a staple inclusion for most of Skeptical and Ant TC1′s recent sets and “Reflexions” was aired by Xtrah on Frictions Radio 1 show guest Mix, a clear testament to the release’s high standard. Tunes like these purely reflect all of those essential & inherent qualities that have driven this music through two decades, music that truly looks forward and continues to explore sonic possibility, examples that once again prove that Drum and Bass Music is still one, (If not the!) most progressive and future thinking musical genres of our time.

a M-Zine, Scepticz – Point Of No Return
b M-Zine, Scepticz & Detail – Reflexions

CRIT070 – Emperor – Begin EP – 12″ Vinyl
One of the UK’s freshest new drum & bass talents drops his debut solo single on Critical, this one is simple mammoth! Emperor has been making waves over the past couple of years moonlighting with various camps but it was the keen ear of label boss Kasra that cottoned on early drawing him deep into the Critical ranks. If this new single is anything to go by, one of the best decisions Critical could have made. The cinematic intro of ‘Begin’ is beautiful blend of strings, reversed fx and the sultry vocals of Georgia Yates who featured on the Enei album last year. All build to a haunting dropout before the next stage, an absolute nasty tech-stepping future roll-out that’s been getting Fabric in sweat these last few months. Twisted, uplifting and wonderfully emotive, this is another slice of Critical magic. Next up and we’re treated to the vintage double-bass grooves of ‘She Said’. Another huge epic intro featuring a soaring vocal drifting over ethereal pads features here as hi-end percussion leads into the fattest bassline for a properly funked up dance floor workout. Think Roni Size ‘Brown Paper Bag’ or Peshay’s ‘Miles From Home’ for 2013…bad to the bone!

a Emperor – Begin feat. Georgia Yates
b Emperor – She Said


D&B/Jungle Restocks

ALIGN009 – Ruffhouse – Pellet / Classified 
AM008 – Alaska & Robert Manos – Zeal 
NARRATIVES004 – Overlook / Blocks & Escher – Three Shards / Embers 
CONGONATTYREMIX7 – Tribe Of Issachar – Tribal Natty 

New Dubstep/Bass Music CD

WHEELYDEALYCD002 – Benton – Reflections – CD
Wheel & Deal Records presents the long awaited first album from the young, eclectic and talented DJ / Producer Benton. Following a stirling release catalog with Wheel & Deal, Benton gives us his deep, dark dose of UK bass. Benton brings Dubstep, DnB, Jungle, Garage, Acid House, Dub & Grime in to the mix, showing a knowledge of underground dance music but with a fresh, unique take on genre. Reflections is a innovative and deep musical Journey.

1 Benton – Fathers Son
2 Benton – Believe
3 Benton – Hermans Hideout
4 Benton – Defect Mind
5 Benton – 20/20 VIP
6 The Kemistry – The Core (Benton Remix)
7 Benton – The Prey
8 Benton – We’re Both Lost
9 Benton, Unitz & Arc 88 – Joi
10 Thelem – Drones (Benton Remix)
11 Benton – Virus
12 Benton – Snowfall 07


New Dubstep/Bass Music Releases

KOKESHI008 – Compa – Kalindi / Antact – 12″ Vinyl
Kokeshi chooses rising star of deep dubstep, Compa for the follow-up to 2012′s epic Kompilation CD and sampler. What can be seen from Compa on Kokeshi is the atmospheric qualities of his music both within the realm of dubstep and well outside of it. The unexpected A side is a beatless beauty, the perfect intro tune, whilst the AA side is the essential meditative subby dancefloor tune that will keep the speakers booming.

a Compa – Kalindi
aa Compa – Antact

New Dubstep/Bass Music Promos


MAP001 – M.A.P – It Ain’t Right – 12″ Vinyl
Taking ground across the clubs and sound systems of the UK, bass-duo Mak & Pasteman have garnered serious respect throughout club land. Releasing across labels including Shifting Peaks, Senseless Records & Sounds of Sumo, as well as extensive radio-play from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Redlight, B traits, Toddla Tand Rob Da Bank, they have laid down the foundations for their own future sound. Alongside their Juno chart-topping 2012 EP Do The Same, it’s their deft edits and reworks of artists such as Larry Heard and Tyga that sets their reputations apart…which leads nicely onto the next in their series of bootlegs. Reworking man of the moment Kendrick Lamar, and the late great Whitney Houston under their M.A.P Alias, these edits are enough to send any dancefloor into a frenzy. The Kendrick Lamar edit touches on the more techno-driven side of the UK scene, whilst the Whitney Houston gives a nod to the UK garage scene circa 2000 with low slung bass stabs and rolling percussion. The turn of the new year saw them step up their game from their solo projects & focus on collaborative ones, led by summer bookings at this year’s Ibiza Rocks, Glade and Hideout festivals. Possessing accolades like these, it is clear to see why they are tastemaker favorites in the whole house-bass continuum that surrounds the UK dance scene. With Summer on the way, get used to hearing the name Mak & Pasteman because you can be sure you’ll be hearing a whole lot more very soon!

a M.A.P – It Ain’t Right
b M.A.P – Jimmy Kendricks

WNCL014 – Spatial – Spatial EP – 12″ Vinyl
“To turn people’s heads you have to make a bit of an effort to do something different. But maybe there’s another part of me that just wishes I could make club bangers and just put it out there…” Spatial, 2013

a1 Spatial – Set Apart
a2 Spatial – Lost
b1 Spatial – Right Now
b2 Spatial – Syn Cop


Dubstep/Bass Music Restocks

HFLP004 – Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers 
MEDI064 – Kahn – Dread 
PSQ008 – Craig McWhinney – Make Your Mess 
PNTS004 – Alex Coulton – Too Much Talk 

New Electronic/House/Techno Releases

AUXWL001 – ASC – Another Late Night / Gestures – 12″ Vinyl
The first in a new exclusive white label series, ASC provides two highly anticipated tracks that have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Another Late Night’s dubby bass line and half step beats made it a sure-fire Autonomic anthem, never leaving the record bags of Instra:mental and dBridge for well over a year. It’s been featured on many mixes, including ASC’s Resident Advisor podcast, and always singled out for praise. It’s uplifting keys and stabs mesh seamlessly with the beats and bass and form an undeniably catchy rhythm. Gestures starts where ASC’s classic ‘Porcelain’ left off. Emotive keys, uplifting pads and strings and a unique rhythm section. Catchy synthetic bass is introduced to maximum effect and in true ASC style, the whole track comes together in a seriously polished way. This release is exclusive to the official Auxiliary Surus store. The white label is the final copy, as there is no artwork for this release. It is also limited to just 200 copies with no repress. Get it while it’s hot! DJ Support from: Instra:mental, dBridge, Doc Scott, Loxy, Flight, Blu Mar Ten, Presha, Alley Cat and of course, ASC.

a ASC – Another Late Night
aa ASC – Gestures

SWAMP024i – Boddika – Soul What Remixes – 12″ Vinyl
180 gram vinyl only release.

a Boddika – Soul What (Boddika Remix)
b Boddika – Soul What (Mickey Pearce Remix)

HF039 – Sepalcure – Make You EP – 12″ Vinyl
After releasing two EPs and utilising the broader canvas of their universally acclaimed debut album (‘Sepalcure’) to develop their collaborative project, the adroit drum-programming and production duo of Sepalcure (Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille/ Praveen & Benoit)) return after a year-long absence with ‘Make You,’ scheduled for release in April on their long-term home of Hotflush Recordings. Since debuting on the label, Stewart and Sharma have collaborated with the shared understanding that there are no rules to what they can produce. This refusal to be inhibited by any steadfast structures, or expectations set down by shifting scenes and surrounding culture, has allowed their sound to become its own guide, capable of developing in a wholly natural way. With heartbreaking melodies, skittering footwork percussion, chopped guitar cuts and infectious tremelo vocals, ‘Make You’ is the direct result of this liberated outlook in which disparate elements are given the space to collide head-on in the formation of something completely fresh.

a1 Sepalcure – Make You
a2 Sepalcure – He Said No
b1 Sepalcure – The Water’s Fine
b2 Sepalcure – Rumours
b3 Sepalcure – DMD

SU003 – Christian Piers – Clocked Decay – 12″ Vinyl
Debut release from Source Unknwn label head, Christian Piers, exercising his love for machine lead music, with three tracks that dabble in the splice of Techno and House without indulgence.

a Christian Piers – Clocked Decay
b1 Christian Piers – Nukke 5two2
b2 Christian Piers – Soul Beat Running


New Electronic/House/Techno Promos

REALIGN001 – Pattern – Draft (AnD Remix) – 12″ Vinyl
Pattern is the latest innovative new artist to emerge from Manchester’s burgeoning bass music scene. By day working in the infamous Eastern Bloc record shop while by night joining the production ranks of fellow Mancunian luminaries like Synkro and Indigo. His debut, the sublime “Draft”. “Draft” is in every respect rebel music. A mix of opposites pulling together before equally repelling. Tonal bells and pads flow over coarse bass sounds and punching kicks. Meanwhile subdued apache breaks reference a musical root within drum & bass, set against Pattern’s vision of modern 170 BPM music. Staying true to the release’s Manchester theme, AnD deliver an unapologetically hard remix. A relentless 4/4 kick sets the pace for a complete reinterpretation of Pattern’s original composition. This is a Manchester remix, but it is infused with the sounds of Detroit, Berlin and Industrial noise. This is powerful stuff! Support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Endian (CMX) and Organic.

a Pattern – Draft
b Pattern – Draft (AnD Remix)

BBB007 – Let The Machines Do The Work – One Love / Brighter Day – 12″ Vinyl
Let The Machines Do The Work (LTMDTW) are a 4 piece electronic outfit that have a crazed obsession for all things analog. Not the, I’m into analog cause its cool, but a crazed obsession. Simply step into their studio and you’ll be whisked away from the Digital age in a heart beat as a haze of humming transistors and burnishing outboards drape you in a warm welcoming embrace. One Love / Brighter Day is their debut release on the grass roots inspired Blah Blah Blah Records and it delivers a heavy and welcoming thump to the chest, forget thin digital beats, this is big phat dancefloor house, dynamic, luxurious and seductively wanton. Opening Track ‘One Love’ doesnt mess about, with lead vocalist Lewis declaring ‘We Got This One Love’ whilst a heavy house beat drives us towards a refreshingly retro main hook, but rather than descend into formulaic house fodder, One Love draws back from the light and delves into more shadowy territory as sparing beats and percussion lay siege on proceedings. Brighter Day, as its title suggests, has a much more optimistic disposition, no darkness here, just thudding kicks, snappy claps, and an infectiously warm bassline that will see it getting heavy beach rotation. With support already coming from Data Transmission, Dubfire, Deetron, Waifs & Strays and a confirmed show at Gottwood Festival, plus 10,000 plays on Soundcloud, LTMDTW look set to burst onto the scene with considerable momentum.

a Let The Machines Do The Work – One Love
b Let The Machines Do The Work – Brighter Day

DRUNK031 – Pev & Hodge – Bells (System mix / Dream Sequence) – 12″ Vinyl
Pev marks his return to Punch Drunk for the first time in 3 years with this collaborative 12″ with Hodge.

a Pev & Hodge – Bells (System mix)
b Pev & Hodge – Bells (Dream Sequence)

MMAKEM008 – Laszlo Dancehall – Gave Up EP – 12″ Vinyl
Release number eight on London house maven George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label, the Laszlo Dancehall EP, connects two of the UK’s most exciting young producers: Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers. The sample driven crunch of Vynehall’s earlier productions on ManMakeMusic can be heard loud and clear complementing the canny but irresistible percussive and vocal shimmies of Piers. Aside track “Gave Up”, championed by George FitzGerald on his recent BBC Essential mix for Radio One, sets the pace and aims straight at the dancefloor with its strange sonic palette, at once euphoric and gritty. On the flip we get “Ain’t No Time” on which Vynehall and Piers give us their interpretation of classic house. The final track, “Manley Harrison”, is the strangest and arguably most original of the bunch and leaves the listener in no doubt as to why there is such a buzz about these two producers at the moment.

a Laszlo Dancehall – Gave Up
b Laszlo Dancehall – Ain’t No Time
b2 Laszlo Dancehall – Manley Harrison

12DVMUTE4 – Diamond Version – EP4 – 12″ Vinyl
Resident Advisor “…precision-tooled and impeccably sculpted club tracks, powered by the duo’s characteristic strobing rhythms and flecked with absurdist humour.” Dazed Digital “…heavy-hitting, wildly-crescendoing, full throttle…” Diamond Version craft music that’s somehow simultaneously futuristic and archaic. On the surface, its static effervescence and mechanistic precision evoke the march of technology and the sinister detachment of late capitalist society. But it affects listeners on a more instinctive level, interfacing directly with the nervous system and rendering the polyphonic chatter of the body’s impulses crisp and cold. There’s something oddly permanent about they rhythms they unearth, as though they’re simply tapping into a deeper pulse that’s always been present within their circuitry. Diamond Version is a collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and forward thinking operators in modern music, Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai. As joint heads of the Berlin-based label Raster-Noton and with solo projects Alva Noto (Nicolai) and Byetone (Bender), for over a decade they have been releasing work that spectacularly blurs the lines between the visceral and the conceptual, bridging the gap between gallery and dancefloor. Diamond Version release the latest instalment in their series of EPs leading up to an album in summer 2013.

a1 Diamond Version – Get Yours
a2 Diamond Version – Live Young
b1 Diamond Version – When Performance Matters
b2 Diamond Version – Get Yours (version)

SHADES009 – Dan White – Simple Pleasures EP – 12″ Vinyl
After a string of releases under different pseudonyms, Shades is truly excited to announce Dan White’s first release under his own name, Simple Pleasures. Influenced by the lush melodics of early Kompakt releases, the playful grooves and all-out pop sensibility of Dusky & Booka Shade’s output, and the edgy, detailed electro of pioneers like the The Hacker and Alexander Robotnick, this bold four-tracker of emotive tech-disco is progressive & modern, yet packed full of feeling. Opener Mind & Heart feat. longtime collaborator Rudi Crone sets the stage in auspicious fashion, expertly folding brooding synths and melancholic vox snatches into an atmospheric slice of twilight disco-house that wears its darkness lightly. Follower Always (co-produced by Tjorven) offers a lighter, more summery vibe, setting ripe keys, jacking beats and plump basses against more accomplished vocal sample work. On the flip, things are taken a bit deeper and more uptempo with pensive deep house roller Inquest, and late-night stormer Deluge, which jacks things up further before melting into dreamy, evocative synths dripping with longing and wanderlust. All in all it’s hard to play favourites here; each idea arrives fully-formed but never overcooked, a testament to the inimitable talent at the helm.

a1 Dan White Ft. Rudi Crone – Mind & Heart
a2 Dan White & Tjorven – Always
b1 Dan White – Inquest
b2 Dan White – Deluge


Electronic/House/Techno Restocks

HFT027 – Dense & Pika – Crispy Duck 
SCHOOL001 – Dusky – Calling Me 
HFT028 – South London Ordnance – Revolver / Transmission Funk 

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